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"I figured that USB self-destruct button I bought a couple weeks ago woulda clued you in."

Dooj is an onomatopoeia used to describe explosions. Strong Bad first made use of it in big white face while giving the single deuce to Strong Sad. The sound effect and its corresponding transliteration, "Dooj", have made many appearances in the Homestar Runner universe.



  • Debut: Email big white face — Strong Bad says "Dooj" while giving a single deuce and subsequently throwing a cake at Strong Sad.
  • TROGDOR! — Strong Bad may say "Dooj" when you burninate a cottage.
  • Strong Bad is a Bad Guy — The word "Dooj" is seen when a missile from Strong Bad's bazooka hits the screen.
  • The System is down — The "dooj" sound effect can be heard and is panned from one speaker to the other in stereo.
  • SketchbookMatt Chapman says "Dooj!" and other sound effects as Strong Bad.
  • Go Rando! — In one of the "Random Email" raps, Strong Bad says " Dooj."
  • Email hremail3184 — Strong Bad uses a USB dooj button and says "dooj" when he explodes the Lappy 486.
  • @StrongBadActual — On the February 10, 2016 post, Ultrasound Strong Bad says "Dooj" while showing them his adorable single deuce.

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