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(Complete Filmography)
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*[[The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar]]
*[[The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar]]
*[[@StrongBadActual]] — March 21, 2017
*[[@StrongBadActual]] — March 21, 2017
*[[The Actions You Can Do]]
*[[The Actions You Can Do (video)|The Actions You Can Do]]

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"Hey there, Mister Strong Bad!"
The puppet version

Doreauxgard is a cantaloupe (stolen by The Cheat from Marzipan) with a pencil-drawn face and said pencil jabbed through its base. He is used by Strong Bad to play a prank on Bubs in the email "lackey".

The fruit appears in live action with the Homestar Puppet in an Easter egg in the same cartoon. The Easter egg consists of the "Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show!" brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit.

The Brothers Chaps have also made an actual puppet of Doreauxgard (with a mouth that can open and close), which was not shown on the site until Main Page 25. Based on this and the fact that he has a Quote of the Week character head, there may have been more planned for this character.

A moldy cantaloupe appeared in the email cliffhangers, but it is unknown whether or not this is actually Doreauxgard.

Complete Filmography

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