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[[Image:downloadpage.PNG|thumb|Please enter your PIN# for assistance.]]
[[Image:downloadpage.PNG|thumb|Please enter your PIN# for assistance.]]
A place to download Homestar Runner things, which include Buddy Icons, Wallpaper,[[Songs]] and a [[Strong Bad Clock]].
A place to download Homestar Runner things- [[AIM Buddy Icons]], [[Wallpaper]], [[Songs]] and a [[Strong Bad Clock]].
== Easter Eggs ==
== Easter Eggs ==

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Please enter your PIN# for assistance.

A place to download Homestar Runner things- AIM Buddy Icons, Wallpaper, Songs and a Strong Bad Clock.

Easter Eggs

  • From the main downloads page, check your balance (The $ button), it will say 0.00. Click on 0.00, and the bank card will appear. Grab the card and put it in the slot on the ATM. Enter 5675 as your PIN to unlock a set of Homsar quotes!
    • Note: You can click the top-left corner of the ATM card to flip it over, revealing the PIN

Fun Facts

  • Click on some of the band names to go to their website.
  • When you press exit it always takes you to Main Page 7: Dead as a doornail.
  • The back of Lem's card reads:
This is a magnificent card.
Superfied Credit Union is
THE NAME in magnificence.
Of crads, at least. I mean cards.
  • The "NEW!" sign has been there for about a year.
  • If you type in the wrong pin number it says "Wrong Pin #!! I bet you stole this card!".
  • If you push the card all the way to the side, you can't get it back unless you reload the page.

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