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Please enter your PIN# for assistance.

The current Downloads page is an ATM-themed source for official Homestar Runner things:

Page Title: $2.00 Service Charge!!


Easter Eggs

Secure card it is not
  • Clicking on the "$" button brings up Current balance is 0.00 dollars. Clicking on "0.00" will bring up a draggable credit card. Clicking on the upper left corner of that card will reveal the backside of it, as well as the PIN. Inserting the card, then entering the PIN (5675) will unlock a secret section of Homsar Quotes Pack.

Fun Facts


  • If you type in the wrong PIN, the text reads "Wrong Pin#!! I bet you stole this card!"
  • The back of Lem's card reads:
This is a magnificent card.
Superfied Credit Union is
THE NAME in magnificence.
Of crads, at least. I mean cards.
  • If you go to Sound menu and Click on King of Town Qutoes pack it will say "We are sorry. The King of Town has never said anything funny."


  • The "NEW!" sign has remained on the Graphics Menu button since shortly after the email army.
  • The phrase "PIN#" is an example of RAS syndrome, due to the "N" already standing for "Number".

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