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Please enter your PIN# for assistance.

The current Downloads page is an ATM-themed source for official Homestar Runner things:

Page Title: $2.00 Service Charge!!

Easter Eggs

  • From the main downloads page, check your balance using the “$” button. It will say 0.00. Click on 0.00, and the bankcard will appear. Grab the card and put it in the slot on the ATM. Enter 5675 as your PIN to unlock a set of Homsar quotes!
    • Note: You can click the top-left corner of the ATM card to flip it over, revealing the PIN

Fun Facts

  • Click on some of the band names to go to their websites.
  • When you press exit it always takes you to Main Page 7: Dead as a doornail.
Secure card it is not
  • The back of Lem's card reads:
This is a magnificent card.
Superfied Credit Union is
THE NAME in magnificence.
Of crads, at least. I mean cards.
  • The "NEW!" sign has been there for about a year (since the Homestarmy wallpaper was added, shortly after the e-mail).
  • If you type in the wrong pin number it says "Wrong Pin#!! I bet you stole this card!".
  • If you push the card all the way to the side, you can't get it back unless you reload the page.
  • On the page with the ATM icons there are two Bubs icons.
  • On the front of the card it says "Superfied Credit Union" from the SB Email [[1]].

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