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This article is about the dragons themselves. For the Strong Bad Email, see dragon.

Here be all the dragons found in the realm of Homestar Runner.


Dragons from the email dragon

Trogdor the Burninator

Main Article: Trogdor

Strong Bad's more popular second attempt at drawing a dragon.

Strong Mad's Attempt


Strong Mad's attempt at drawing a dragon consisted of carving the word "DAGRON" into the table with an X-acto knife.

The S is for Sucks Dragon

The S is for Sucks
Main Article: The S is for Sucks Dragon

Strong Bad's first attempt at drawing a dragon.

Homsar's Attempt

Taster's Choice

Homsar correctly spelled "Taster's Choice" and taped his piece of paper to the table.


Main article: Wormdingler

Coach Z's attempt at drawing a dragon.

Strong Sad's Dragon

A little chiaroscuro shading

Strong Sad tried to improve on his older brother's methods, but his dragon was unfortunately destroyed by the BMW Lighter. It is later seen hanging on Dangeresque's wall in the Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

Fun Facts

  • All of these "dragons" appear as meeples in Trogdor!! The Board Game. Homsar's attempt is on the back of Strong Mad's one and is changed to "toaster's choice" to avoid copyrights issues.

Other dragons

Atari Dragon

Freakin' Duck
Main article: Atari Dragon

An Atari dragon that shows up in some cartoons. The characters usually call it a duck.

Multi-Function Dragon

Main article: Multi-Function Dragon

A dragon that presumably lives near The King of Town's castle.


"Waah! Trogador!"
Main article: Trogador

The 20X6 version of Trogdor.

Chinese Food Dragon

An image of a dragon appears on containers of General Tso's Chicken as well as on the Chinese Food Toons Menu.

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