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(Some of the Whale's phrases are cryptic hints (e.g. "Sever your head please, sir", "to get ahead you need to get a head", "When the End Times come, we will all dance the Conga of the Apocalypse. ".)
(Appearances: New appearance.)
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*[[Homestar Ruiner]]
*[[Homestar Ruiner]]
<!--"nightlife" does not count as an actual appearance. It was just a picture on a bag.-->
<!--"nightlife" does not count as an actual appearance. It was just a picture on a bag.-->
*[[Strong Badia the Free]]
==Quotes of the Week==
==Quotes of the Week==

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"Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day."
without speaker

The Drive-Thru Whale, or the Blubb-O Whale, is a smiling blue whale-shaped drive-through speaker that did not originally appear to be linked to a restaurant, though nightlife suggests (and Blubb-O's Commercial confirms) that it is the mascot for Blubb-O's. The speaker is very scratchy and difficult to understand. Its speech patterns range from typical drive-thru speaker phrases like "Would you like to try a combo meal?" to seemingly random phrases like "Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day," as well as playing a short length of music while moving its flume of water up and down. The Drive-Thru Whale can move from place to place using a rocket booster mounted underneath it, which allows it to fly up into Outer Space, and it can also rise up from underground. It apparently has a taste for Europa-pean Lobster, or perhaps for anything that will sever its leg. The Drive-Thru Whale was originally discovered in The Field, but has since been seen on the Sweet Puttin' Cakes Puttiature Golf-Golf Course and Behind the Fence. The Drive-Thru Whale is in Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, as a location in The Field. It says random phrases and cryptic hints when interacted with.


Quotes of the Week

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