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(Screenshots of Twin Characters)
(Screenshots of Twin Characters: adding the cheat, not sure of caption)
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Image:Two_Fez_Homsars.PNG|"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!"
Image:Two_Fez_Homsars.PNG|"Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!"
Image:Twohomestars.PNG|"Sup, man." "Sup!"
Image:Twohomestars.PNG|"Sup, man." "Sup!"
[[Category:Prank running gags]]
[[Category:Prank running gags]]

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This article is about the phenomenon within the Homestar Runner universe. For the Cheat Commandos twins, see Blue Laser Babies.
"Ohh, there's two of them!"

Twin characters is a phenomenon that occurs several times throughout the Homestar Runner universe, where a single character appears in two places at once in the same scene, and any other characters present simply accept this as true. This listing excludes purely stylistic uses of multiple characters through artistic license, as seen in music videos and the like.


Strong Bad conducts an interview of himself, in that he is asking the questions, and another "he" is answering them. Strong Bad seems to find this perfectly normal, even though the two Strong Bads interview, mock, yell at, plead with and bribe each other. However, the sight of two Strong Bads simultaneously makes The Cheat's head explode.
Bubs holds a Bubsotathon, in which Homestar throws fireworks while on both sides of the screen at once. The Flash file shows that the one on the right wears a mustache.
Rolling over Store will show Homestar facing away from you, saying the word store, as well as another Homestar walking in the background with a simple exchange of "Sup, man?".
Two fez-wearing Homsars go past, and Marzipan takes notice of the double.
The Homestarmecium divides itself several times, ultimately creating eight copies and causing the Strongbadiophage to freak out.
Two The Cheats are seen at the town meeting. One is on Coach Z's left, and the other is on Marzipan's right.

Screenshots of Twin Characters

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