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An Easter egg of a Homestar Runner cartoon is a hidden feature that is only accessible by a hidden mouse click, a keypress or by waiting a while after the toon is seemingly over.

Most of the recent Homestar Runner Flash animations feature Easter eggs. These are most prominent in Strong Bad Emails, but are also placed in other cartoons on the site. Most are activated by clicking a specific area of the animation.

Finding Easter Eggs

The easiest way to find these Easter eggs is by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on the Flash animation so keypresses are accepted.
  • Press the "Tab" key on your keyboard to cycle through all click zones.

When a border surrounds a part of the animation, it is probably a hot spot for an Easter egg. Either press the "Enter" (or "Return") key or click on the spot to activate the Easter egg.

Note that some Easter eggs do not do anything immediately. For example, almost all the Halloween cartoons include Homsar in a later scene. In process, the paper comes down, you wait about 10 seconds and then there is an easter egg

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