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Free Country postal service

Email is the contact page for The Brothers Chaps.

Page Title: "Email Menu - It's maybe just for e-mail againymore!"

Selecting the first letter will let you email The Brothers Chaps at their "" address. The information on the envelope reads:

The Brothers Chaps
email the creators
of Homestar, RNR 30307

The second takes you to the Yahoo Store front customer service page. The return address on the letter is:

5 Lunchtime Station 
Marylog, OP 2x2x2 

The third takes you to the Frequently Asked Questions. The return address is:

Gent Delabor
403 Figgis St.
Mundelow, PA 80808

Easter Eggs

Fun Facts

  • The stickers of Strong Bad's head come from an old error message.
  • There are several jokes related to the Zip Codes. Click the link to see them all.
  • Mundelow and Gent Delabor is a Thorax Corporation joke.
  • Duderonomy is a pun on Deuteronomy, a book of the Bible.
  • The page title is a reference to the page title of the previous e-mail page, "It's not just for e-mail anymore!"
  • Clicking the "back" link always takes you to Main Page 8.

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