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Everything Else
Everything Else, Volume 1
DVD series featuring the toons
Volumes Volume 1
(November 14, 2005)
Volume 2
(October 27, 2006)
Volume 3
(November 12, 2007)
Region 0 - NTSC format
DVD authoring and encoding Ryan Sterritt
Video footage and editing Ryan Sterritt
The Brothers Chaps' thanks Lucky Yates, Rene Dellefont, Neal Stamper, Jackie Chapman, Christian Danley, Z. Gillispie, Matt Gribbon, Ed Mundy, Craig Zobel, Dan Kubis, Jonathan Howe, Tony Mistretta, Astrid Wagner, DaVinci's Notebook, The Skate Party, and They Might Be Giants

Everything Else is the second Homestar Runner DVD series (the first being strongbad_email.exe). It contains almost all non-Strong Bad Email content on homestarrunner.com released prior to August 2007.


[edit] Disc Contents

[edit] Volume 1

Volume 1 contains:

[edit] Volume 2

Volume 2 contains:

[edit] Volume 3

Volume 3 contains:

[edit] Artwork

Main Article: Everything Else DVD Artwork

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Most of the toons have two kinds of secrets:
    • Audio commentary: Access by pressing the Language or Audio button. Not all toons have commentary.
    • Secret menu options: Once the toon is over, any Easter eggs will show up as the Homestar Runner logo at the end of the toon. To access the egg, press the down arrow on the remote three times, then Enter. Sometimes, there are two Easter eggs; the second egg is accessible by pressing the left arrow on the remote three times. Rarely, there are three Easter eggs; the third egg is accessible via the right arrow. If you do not select an Easter egg, you will be taken back to the main menu within a few seconds.
  • Each main menu has a secret Easter egg that shows up after a few seconds. All are unique in their own way.

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