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watch Doomy Tales Of The Macabre Punkin Show
"Homestar plus Marzipan does not equal Strong Bad!"

Again, Strong Bad riffs on his fans' terrible costumes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Stinkoman, Crack Stuntman, The Rocoulm, Strong Sad (all audio only)

Costumes depicted (in order of first appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Marzipan, Homsar, The Deleteheads, The Cheat, Sticklyman, Stinkoman, The S is for Sucks Dragon, Poopertrooper, Trogdor, The Umpire, Pistols For Pandas, The Rocoulm, Coach Z, The Ugly One, Gunhaver (human sketchbook version), Pom Pom, Professor Experimento, Strong Mad, Where's An Egg? detective, Garden Boy, Stave It Off Guy, The Prince Of Town, Sterrance, Dangeresque Too

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009

Running Time: 4:48

Page Title: Obscure costumes, ahoy!



{The screen comes down and the first image appears. It shows a man dressed as Homestar, a woman dressed as Marzipan, holding a cardboard Carol, and a small child on "Homestar's" lap dressed as Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Aw, look. It's Homestar, Marzipan, and their adorable baby— WAIT A MINUTE!! Homestar plus Marzipan does not equal Strong Bad! It equals...

{The next image appears. It's a man with a yellow bowler derby in a large blocky "Homsar" shirt.}

STRONG BAD: ...this guy!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, settle down there, son.

STRONG BAD: Ahh! Don't call me that!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hup! Sounds like somebody needs a juice box.

STRONG BAD: Shut up, da—I mean, Homest—I mean, get outta here!

{The next image appears. It shows a man with a hat shaped like a "Del" key, holding a card in front of him.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, a kid dressed up as a card-carrying Deletehead! Deleted!

{The next image appears. It shows two people with ponchos draped over them. The ponchos have images of Strong Bad and The Cheat on them.}

STRONG BAD: Bags. Couple of big bags. So wait, are you dressed up as a potato with me painted on it? 'Cuz it's a pretty good potato-with-me-painted-on-it costume if that's what you were shootin' for.

{The next image appears. It shows a person in all black holding a shovel.}

STRONG BAD: No way! A Sticklyman costume! {An image of Sticklyman appears.} Uh, I mean...

STINKOMAN: No way! A Sticklyman costume!

{The Sticklyman image and the picture disappear as music starts. An image of a man dressed as Stinkoman appears.}

STINKOMAN: Are you asking for an obscure costume {Rays appear from the costume} CHALLEEEEEEENGE?!

{The music stops and the rays disappear. The next image appears. It shows a baby dressed as the S is for Sucks Dragon with a pink bow.}

STRONG BAD: Awww, a newly-hatched S is for Sucks Dragonling. The "S" is for "solid parenting"!

{The next image appears. It's a man in a disheveled room dressed as the Poopertrooper.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, nice Poopertrooper in riot gear costume! Got the Poopstick and everything there. That almost makes me wanna support the Municipality. {whispering} Hey, pssst, guy who sent me this: clean up your living room. I have admittedly low standards, and I wouldn't set foot in there.

{The next image appears. It shows a person in a Trogdor costume, with blocky-looking head. One arm is tucked inside the costume; the other is holding a lunch box marked "Cold Ones". Music from dragon plays.}

STRONG BAD: To begin, make an "S", for "shoebox". Next, make a more different shoebox. And then drive off in your...

{The next image appears. It shows a car. The trunk is open, and designed to look like a giant mouth with sharp teeth. There are wings on the top, and a beefy arm coming out of one window. Some papers on the car's fender read "BURNINATOR", followed by an image of Trogdor.}


{The next image appears. It shows a man in a blue shirt and black pants. A piece of manila paper with eyes drawn on it partially covers his face.}

STRONG BAD: I've never seen a piece of manila paper put to such effective use! {An image of the Umpire appears.} And you're really selling it with that right arm {the right arm of both the costumed man and the Umpire blink}, and that bow-legged stance. {the legs of both blink} If you were just three feet wider {the image stretches horizontally} and... not dressed up as a terrible character, this would be a perfect costume!

{The next image appears. It shows a man dressed in a black and white baseball shirt, with the Pistols for Pandas logo and a white ski mask covering his face, and holding a cap gun.}

CRACK STUNTMAN: BLAAAAAH, it's always great to see my hard court-ordered charity work paying off!

{The next image appears. It shows a person dressed as the creature from the Horrible Painting, in the same pose, and holding a torch. Green rays come out of the image over the next line.}

HORRIBLE PAINTING: Come on in heeeeeere!

STRONG BAD: Whoa, I'm too impressed by this costume to get the jibblies!

{The next image appears, showing a child dressed as Coach Z. Spooky music plays.}

STRONG BAD: Aahhh, jibblie jibblie jibblie jibblie {increasingly incomprehensible; the image starts to shake} jibbliejibbliejibbliejibblie bad parenting... bad... parenting...

{The next image appears. It shows a person with a giant box over him/her. The Ugly One is drawn on the box.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} This one doesn't count. This one doesn't count. This one doesn't count as a costume.

{The next image appears. It shows a man in sunglasses and cowboy hat, in a dramatic pose, holding a gun.}

STRONG BAD: I give up. You win. I have no idea what you're supposed to be.

STRONG SAD: Well allow me to—
STRONG BAD: {overlapping} OH GREAT!
STRONG SAD: —explain. He's not simply—

{An image of someone in a Pom Pom costume appears.}

STRONG SAD: —dressed up as a character, or—

{An image of someone dressed as Pom Pom as Professor Experimento appears, accompanied by a picture of Professor Experimento.}

STRONG SAD: —a character dressed up as someone else, or—

{An image of people dressed as characters dressed as a bush, a "BRRLAP" factory, a barrel, and a trash can from bike thief, accompanied by pictures of the originals.}

STRONG SAD: —a character dressed up as something else, or—

{An image of a person dressed as the man from Where's an Egg? appears, holding an egg. In the background is an image from Where's an Egg?, and the man from the game is standing to the right.}

STRONG SAD: —a character from a video game, or—

{An image of a person in a Strong Sad mask, wearing overalls, and holding a rake and shovel appears. Strong Sad as Gardenboy appears from the left.}

STRONG SAD: —a really cool character dressed up as a super cool guy all the time character, or—

{An image of a person dressed as the "Stave it Off" man appears, accompanied by the original picture.}

STRONG SAD: —that "Stave it Off" guy...

STRONG BAD: I call him "Stave".

{A person dressed as the Prince of Town appears, accompanied by a picture of the Prince of Town.}

STRONG SAD: Or an alternate version of a character. No, no hohoho!

{The image with the man with the gun reappears.}

STRONG SAD: He's dressed up as an alternate drawing {an image of The Cheat appears to the side} of an alternate version of a character {the image of The Cheat turns into Gunhaver} from the Sketchbook! {The image transforms into an image from the Sketchbook labeled "gunhaver human commando".}

STRONG BAD: All right, that is (a) amazing, (b) depressing, and (c) amazingly depressing.

{The next image appears. It shows a very young child in a stroller dressed as Sterrance.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Walkin' round the mall with a Sterrance costume that you made for your kid. Think of all the time and hard work you put into that Sterrance costume, and how nobody knows what it iiiis! And your kid doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Because they're oooone!

{Over music, a series of people dressed as Homestar appears, switching every couple of seconds.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Ohhh, a red T-shirt and taped-on star. Has anybody told you how terrible you are? Some white face paint, or maybe none at all. Just standin' around in your front hall. {music stops} Man, those morons that dress up as Homestar just can't seem to get a good costume going! Lucky for me, I—

{The next image appears. It shows a character wearing an extremely sloppy Strong Bad mask, with indistinct hands and feet. The person is holding a pumpkin with Strong Bad's face carved into it. A record scratch is heard.}

STRONG BAD: Nngg! {nervously} Hellooooo... costume... oh! OH! Oh, see, wait, well, see, wait, I know what you're thinkin', and it's what you thought. But that is actually a costume of Strong Bad after he's been... run over twelve times! By a cliff. Off a skyscraper. Into a discount... felt... surplus... store. Phew! {quietly, as the screen fades out} Talked my way outta that one. Out of the side of my mouth. {normally} Oh, and I almost forgot.

{Images of the people dressed as The Rocoulm (labeled "DANIEL WINGATE"), the S is for Sucks Dragon (labeled "KRISTI COMER"), the Prince of Town (labeled "ANDREW BERNHARD"), Sterrance (labeled "JASON AND BECKY HASKINS"), and the Poopertrooper (labeled "MATTHEW ZIMMERMAN") reappear.}

STRONG BAD: Here's the losers that were the winners.

Fun Facts


Toons menu bonus picture
RSS bonus picture
  • The preview for this toon features another costume not in the short. This year it's a Bear Holding A Shark holding an Aunt Gert.
  • On the Homestar Runner feed a fan costume picture that was not shown on the toon was posted. This depicts a group of people dressed in various characters gather around 5-dor.
  • The person dressed as the Umpire is wiki user Monkeytender.
  • The person dressed as the character from "Where's an Egg?" is user Strong Vader.
  • The person dressed as Gardenboy is user Nihaho13.
  • The person dressed as the second "terrible Homestar" is user Movie magic man.
  • The person dressed as the eighth "terrible Homestar" is user PomstarPommer.
  • The person dressed as the second to last "terrible Homestar" is user Open Source Greg.
  • The person dressed as the last "terrible Homestar" is user Ben_Again.
  • The person dressed as Pistols for Pandas is user TBustah
  • Strong Sad breaks the fourth wall during the human Gunhaver costume by mentioning the Sketchbook and by acknowledging the portrayal of "characters".
  • A picture of the original bush, textile factory, barrel, and garbage can from bike thief are shown, but the garbage can's eyeholes aren't Homestar's eyes, as they were in the original email (and the costume).
  • The image used for Professor Experimento is the image from his page on this wiki.
  • The 13th "terrible Homestar" in the slide show is actually dressed as "AntiHomestar," a fan created character.

Inside References

  • The music heard during the Sticklyman picture is the battle music from Under Construction.
  • The dramatic music heard during the picture showing a baby dressed as Coach Z comes from Jibblies 2.
    • During this scene, Strong Bad gets the jibblies.
  • The sketchbook drawing of human Gunhaver is from 2008. It had a slightly different caption, had Gunhaver in the opposite orientation, and also featured a human version of Fightgar.

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