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The Popular Vote

Strong Bad once again criticizes his fans' costumes, with some of them sent to @StrongBadActual this year.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Humidibot, Homestar Runner

Costumes depicted (in order of first appearance): Strong Bad, Blubb-O's, Strong Sad, Sloshy (logo only), Homestar Runner, The Cheat (as The Popular Vote), Dangeresque, Homsar, Peasant, The Cheat, Cheerleader

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong, Strong Sad's Room, The Field

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running Time: 3:40 (official), 3:10 (actual)




{The screen comes down and the first image appears. It shows a person dressed as Strong Bad holding a Blubb-O's takeout bag and a man dressed as a Star Wars X-Wing pilot}

STRONG BAD: This is Red-5, I'm going in.... to the mall... where my child will do all of their trick-or-treating, because even though I live in the suburbs, I'm terrified of my neighbors. Hey, does that mall really have a Blubb-O's in the food court?

{An advertisement showing the Blubb-O's Thick-or-Treat Burger appears on screen}

ANNOUNCER: Yes, it's the Blubb-O's Thick-or-Treat Burger! Get it while it's still legal!

{The next image appears. It's a man with a sleeve-less shirt, with drawn on abs, boxing gloves, and a Strong Bad mask.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, this one's not bad! This guy's wearing a limited-edition Ab-Ab-Beater undershirt! Keep on triumphantly upper-cutting the air in front of you, brother!

{The next image appears. It's a guy wearing a sloshy shirt, a white winter cap, and slippers resembling Soolnds, with a record player to their left and reading a record book.}

STRONG BAD: Hey! How did you manage to dress up as exactly-right-now-this-very-moment Strong Sad?

{Image changes to a recreation of the scene featuring Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: {singing} I'm not the kind that needs to tell you!

{The next image appears. It's a man with a red shirt with a white star on it, white pants, and a blue and red propeller cap}

STRONG BAD: Oh come on you guys.

{The next image appears. It's a man with a white shirt, black pants, boxing gloves, a red plastic mask on his head, and white socks}

STRONG BAD: Oh come on you guys!

{The next image appears. It's a man with a blue undershirt, a red sweater with a badly-done white star on it, blue sunglasses, and a green baseball cap}

STRONG BAD: Oh come on you guys! You young kids need to start putting forth at least a little effort. Take a cue from some of the older fans!

{The next image appears. It's a man with blue and white sneakers, tight white pants, a Homestar Runner star shirt from the store, and a black propeller cap}

STRONG BAD: Like this guy her- Less effort! Less effort!

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Fun Facts


  • MMA gloves are open-fingered grappling gloves used in martial arts.


  • This is the first Fan Costumes toon since Fan Costumes '09.
  • It is also the first to take place in multiple locations. The first two showed a night sky backdrop, whereas the pictures were projected in Strong Bad's basement from Fan Costumes '06 onward.
  • The person dressed as the first Strong Bad is wiki user Power Pie.


  • The border that gives the toon a rounded appearance disappears in the last scene.

Inside References

  • Strong Bad quotes Dangeresque's catchphrase "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!"
  • The Blubb-O's "Thick or Treat Burger" resembles a Thick-N-Nasty with Halloween candy in it.

Real World References

YouTube Version

  • The YouTube version is entitled "Fan 'Stumes 2015".

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