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Several films that Strong Bad could narrate were shown in the Strong Bad Email narrator.


[edit] Whined & Dined

"Lump of Dump Pictures proudly presents..."

Whined & Dined is a film produced by Lump of Dump Pictures. It apparently revolves around the life of Strong Sad, who only wanted to eat his Rogan Josh pot pie in peace. One day, however, fate throws him a curveball (illustrated with an octopus thrown at his face). In an Easter egg, Strong Sad comments that it felt more like a change-up, referring to films in which characters are suddenly thrown into strange situations. The tagline of the film is "In the game of life, may the best man whine."

[edit] 4actor Z

"...and an empire will fall."

4actor Z (pronounced "Factor Z") is a film set in a "post-apocalyptic world where weird old men survive on boring conversations." The film appears to revolve around Coach Z and Bubs, who continually argue about Bubs' "napkin friend". According to Strong Bad, during the course of the film a line will be drawn, a hero will rise, and an empire will fall. The title of the film is displayed in graffiti on Bubs' Concession Stand.

[edit] Montage (including Whatsit All About?)

No dialogue, and no plot

Strong Bad shows a montage of narration for three movies coming out during the summer, the holiday season, and on Arbor Day. The first movie revolves around the love life of Homestar Runner and Marzipan. They were apparently a couple in love, until a dorky chef's hat threatened to tear them apart. No information is provided about the second film (featuring Homsar levitating on his stomach) except that it comes out this holiday season. The last movie in the montage— Whatsit All About (or Whatzeet All Aboot?)— is a film by Some Smelly French Studio advertised to be four hours long and have no dialogue or plot. Though only the last film title is shown in the montage, the three different release dates and the fact that Strong Bad says the last movie has no dialogue and no plot implies that these are three separate movies.

[edit] Lugnut & Squeak

"Get ready to LUG IT AROUND."

Lugnut & Squeak is a film starring Strong Mad and The Cheat as Lugnut and Squeak, respectively. They are portrayed as two unlikely partners with only one brain between them, as evidenced during their game of Battleship. The film is made by the creators of I'm Surprised Strong Mad Hasn't Eaten The Cheat by Now.

[edit] Things That Go Dump in The Night

Your goose is cooked.

Things That Go Dump in The Night appears to be a horror film revolving around Strong Sad, who is portrayed as a sort of monster. It is made by the master of "teenagers-on-a-camping-trip-esque horror". According to Strong Bad, it is the "remake no one has been waiting for". The title refers to the common phrase "things that go bump in the night". The film's tagline is "Your goose is cooked.", as a dead goose was thrown at Strong Sad towards the end of the trailer.

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