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The Cheat's first appearance as Firebert
A bad commando name
Firebert is The Cheat's commando name, originating in the Strong Bad Email army. He insists on being called this whenever he goes on a commando mission for Strong Bad. As seen, his uniform consists of a black two-piece stealth suit with a black snow cap over the top corner of his head.

Firebert later appeared as a character in the Cheat Commandos Adventures cartoon show, presumably voiced by The Cheat. He makes The Cheat noises and is the only commando known to do so, while the other commandos speak intelligibly. Strong Bad plays with the Firebert action figure in the Cheat Commandos commercial. Strangely, Strong Bad speaks intelligibly when doing the voice of the Firebert toy, instead of imitating The Cheat. This may have been before Firebert's voice was established.

Both Strong Bad and Gunhaver think that Firebert is a terrible commando name. In Shopping for Danger, Gunhaver assigns him to think of a better commando name. Despite this, Flashfight thinks it is an "exquisite commando name" and wishes not to fire him, lest the name go to waste. He seems to be the demolitions expert, as evidenced in the original commercial, where he blew up a large cliff, with Blue Laser operatives directly below it. Firebert is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set. In the email more armies, The Cheat makes a public appearance as Firebert at the "Vaguely Military Career Fair" next to a sign that reads "Meet TV's Firebert". After some time with no visitors, he dejectedly changes "Firebert" to "Trogdor", which immediately draws a large crowd. He teams up with Dangeresque in Decemberween Dangeresque to find the missing Hot Jones. Firebert can and will eat anything with nutmeg on it, and used this to tactical advantage by eating the Christmas lights restraining him and Dangeresque.

[edit] Defining Traits

  • Yellow Dog!!
  • Black Hat!
  • Not a Good Commando Name!!
  • That One Little Guy!!

[edit] Limited Edition Firebert

  • Decemberween Limited Edition
  • So Very Festive!
  • Includes Nutmeg & Grater!

[edit] Filmography

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