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There have been many references or uses of fireworks in the HR universe. Here are a few:


Screenshot Appearance Description
Flashback In this sbemail, at the end, it says "Congratulations! You have answered a hundred emails." When this happens, pixelated fireworks appear.
Main Page 12 On this main page, if you put your mouse over any button, fireworks appear. This even includes a Strong Bad firework when putting your mouse over the email button.
Happy Fireworks In this cartoon, there was supposed huge firework show for the fourth of July, but Strong Mad's homemade fireworks weren't suitable, so they shook up the cheat and he turned into a giant exploding firework.
Senorial Day In this cartoon, Homestar Runner is making firework noises in the background of Bub's Commercial.
4 Branches In this sbemail, after {Strong Bad]] is done explaining the 4 branches of stupid things Homestar has done, pixelated fireworks apear and homestar makes firework noises. Also, in the easter egg, this happens again.
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