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This article is about pyrotechnic explosives. For the toon, see Happy Fireworks.
"We gotta go straight to plan G!"

There have been many references or uses of fireworks in the Homestar Runner universe.


  • Email flashback — At the end, it says "Congratulations! You have answered a hundred emails." When this happens, pixelated fireworks appear.
  • Main Page 12 — On this main page, if you put your mouse over any button, fireworks appear. This includes a Strong Bad firework when putting your mouse over the email button.
  • Strong Bad is in Jail CartoonStrong Bad and The Cheat attempt to use Fthoom-Bang rockets to break into Bubs' Concession Stand, but instead they launch a fireworks display.
  • Happy Fireworks — Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat tried putting on a fireworks display, but Strong Mad's homemade fireworks were not suitable, so they shook up The Cheat, and he turned into a giant exploding firework.
  • Senorial Day — In this cartoon, Homestar Runner is making firework noises in the background of Bubs's Commercial.
  • Email 4 branches — After Strong Bad is done explaining the 4 branches of stupid things Homestar has done, pixelated fireworks apear and Homestar makes firework noises. This happens again in an Easter egg.
  • Email strong badathlon — In this Strong Bad Email, in the closing ceremony, Homestar comes out from the top of the screen and starts dancing. After this, fireworks appear.
  • Date Nite — Homestar and Strong Bad attempt to use Fthoom-Bang rockets to destroy The Stone Bridge and drown Marzipan and The Cheat, but they miss the bridge and launch a fireworks display.
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