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*[[The Next Epi-Snowed]]
*[[The Next Epi-Snowed]]
*[[2 Part Episode: Part 1]]
*[[2 Part Episode: Part 1]]
*[[2 Part Episode: Part 2]]
[[Category:Cheat Commandos Characters]]
[[Category:Cheat Commandos Characters]]

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In Charge of Stuff!!

Admiral Flashfight is the most powerful member of the Cheat Commandos, if he can be referred to as one. He is a representative of the Bureau of Elite Fighting Forces (alternatively, the Bureau of Every Elite Fighting Force) and speaks with a British accent. His name sounds similar to the word "flashlight", which makes the fact he owns a flashlight less than surprising.

His first true appearance in an episode of Cheat Commandos was in 2 Part Episode: Part 1, in which he took an active role in the way the unit worked. He fired Silent Rip, Gunhaver, and Crackotage from the roster, and arrested the Blue Laser Commander. Despite the Cheat Commandos now being actually successful, the fired members were unsatisfied and plotted against him.

He seems to be a parody of G.I. Joe's General Hawk.

Defining Traits

  • In Charge of Stuff!!
  • Three Medals!
  • Almost Sounds Like "Flashlight"
  • Five Buttons!

Complete Filmography

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