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Choosing between fresh and fly

When animating characters from different angles, it is often easier to flip images rather than draw new ones. While often this technique works, without careful attention the flip will reverse text or other asymmetric features unintentionally. The Brothers Chaps will sometimes do this intentionally as a parody of cheap or amateur animation, although sometimes they fall prey to this themselves. Matt has referred to this as "Blue Laser Commander eyepatch syndrome."


[edit] Appearances in Alternate Animation Styles

[edit] Cheat Commandos

[edit] Powered by The Cheat

  • Most characters have a noticeable flip animation when turning around.
  • New BootsThe Cheat's cool boots sometimes have the dollar sign backwards. Homestar's sock-covered foot changes after being knocked down. Coach Z's medallion is sometimes shown backwards in the scenes with multiple Coach Zs in front of the multicolor background.
  • Rap SongTenerence Love's watch switches wrists.
  • Where U Goin' 2 — In the "paunchberry ice cream dancing team" scene, The Cheat's "PAUNCH" shirt flips, and many cartons of ice cream in the back are backwards.

[edit] Others

[edit] Appearances in the Standard Animation Style

  • Marzipan's eyes are occasionally backwards. In the DVD commentaries for marzipan and suntan, Matt accuses Mike of doing this. Other characters with mismatched eyes, like Bubs and The Poopsmith, usually have their eyes placed consistently, so Marzipan is a bit of an anomaly.
  • Senor Cardgage's combover switches sides. In the DVD commentaries for alternate universe and rated, Mike points this out.
  • Tofu Homestar faces different directions in The Luau and the Luau Main Page, but since he's just drawn on blocks of tofu he should be unable to do so.
  • The Luau — Coach Z's nametag flips when he turns his head.
  • A Jorb Well Done — The label on the "job" tape is backwards in some scenes.
  • A Decemberween Pageant — Coach Z's headset switches sides.
  • Email ghosts — The Ghostbusters logo on Strong Bad's T-shirt is sometimes backwards.
  • Email dragon — Coach Z's Wormdingler drawing flips. Mike points this out in the DVD commentary.
  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Bubs's eyes flip when he walks away as Homestar looks in the bag.
  • Email personal favorites — The Kikkoman logo is backwards on some soy sauce bottles.
  • Email funny — While Strong Bad is doing something bizarre in front of Strong Sad, the floppy disk taped to his head flips occasionally.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — The moon on Pom Pom's body flips when he and Homestar split with Bubs and Coach Z.
  • Email couch patch — In the Strong Sad flashback where Lil' Strong Bad is writing on the couch, the text on the marker is mirrored.
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — The Pom Pilot has its text reversed. Coach Z's medallion is backwards at one point as well.
  • Email replacement — The Cheat's name tag appears on the opposite side when he turns around to leave.
  • Email pom pom — The BMW Lighter has a backwards logo at some points.
  • Email other days — Homestar's polo shirt, with "Diskettes Etc." on it, switches sides and yields backwards text.
  • Halloween FairstivalStrong Mad's Pistons jersey is reversed when leaving the locker room.
  • Email garage saleGooblies's image is flipped, as evidenced by the "G" on the tag being backwards.
  • Email geddup noise — One of the hearts that floats out of Homestar is flipped horizontally from the other two.
  • Email portrait — In the Easter egg, the keyswordtar switches directions as Strong Bad waves it around.
  • Email more armies — Coach Z's medallion briefly appears backwards.
  • Email bike thief — When Strong Bad turns around after talking to Bubs, the berries and branches on his bush disguise are reversed, as is the label on his box of Bubs' Old Pizza.
  • Email 4 branches — Strong Bad's polo shirt's logo switches sides.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — The advertised burger flips when its name is changed.
  • Rotten EggsStrong Bad tosses the egg between his hands, flipping the text on it.
  • Most in the Graveyard — The buttons on Homestar's shirt switch sides when he faces different ways, as do The Cheat's zippers as he faces different directions.
  • On Break — During the "Bumbling Mascot Race Around the Field" race and the Burger Time Easter egg, the door for Strong Bad's face on his Tragic Clown Dog costume switches sides.
  • Which Ween Costumes? — Homestar's costume's fold switches sides when he turns around to comment on Strong Sad's costume.

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