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Appearances of the [[Floppy Disk Container]] with screenshots, where it appeared, a brief explanation of the game mentioned on the floppy disk, and sources of supplementary material about the game.  The majority of the labels are names of computer games and mostly from the '80s.  
The Floppy Disk Container sits to the right of [[Strong Bad]]'s computer. It shows the latest game he has been playing. This page catelogues appearances of the Floppy Disk Container, with screenshots, the toon or emails where it appeared, a brief explanation of the game mentioned on the floppy disk, and sources of supplementary material about the game.  The majority of the labels are names of computer games and mostly from the '80s.  
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The Floppy Disk Container sits to the right of Strong Bad's computer. It shows the latest game he has been playing. This page catelogues appearances of the Floppy Disk Container, with screenshots, the toon or emails where it appeared, a brief explanation of the game mentioned on the floppy disk, and sources of supplementary material about the game. The majority of the labels are names of computer games and mostly from the '80s.

Image Appearances Explanation Sources
Blank 5.25 Inch Disk little animal, superhero name The 5.25 inch disks were the standard disk until the 3.5 inch floppies came out. The 5.25 inch disks are what gave both kinds of disk the title 'floppy', as you could easily bend the disks, enough to nearly fold them over without them breaking. They were replaced by the 3.5 inch floppies in the early 1990's, which have been mostly replaced by the compact disc. The 3.5 disks still survive by being rewritable, and are therefore used for transferring very small files. They will likely be completely replaced by the compact disc within a few years, once repeatedly rewritable compact discs are perfected. [Wiki] [Here] [Here] [Here]
Tongue Of The Fatman ghosts, 50 emails Tongue of The Fatman was a fighting game for DOS and Commodore 64, released in 1989. You choose from different alien races (including Human) with different abilities and fighting styles, purchase weapons and devices, and fight your way through multiple opponents to face the Fatman. Some of the more innovative features include being able to place wagers on the outcome of the fight, and the phenomenon of a special move becoming less powerful the more you use it to balance gameplay. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Lode Runner morning routine, cheat talk Lode Runner was a strategy type game for DOS and Apple, originally created in 1983. It was originally an ASCII game, where you (Jake Peril) were simply a $ sign (The enemies were ¶'s). The object of the game was to win back treasures stolen by the Evil Empire. Eventually re-released on the Apple II as 'Miner', it featured real graphics. Finally Miner was submitted to Brøderbund and was finally published, under the name 'Lode Runner'. There have been countless versions of this game made, generally by random people and circulated over the Internet. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Loom (Disk 1 of 24) current status Loom was an adventure game for the PC, released in 1989. It was created by LucasFilm Games, the people who now almost exclusively make the very popular 'Star Wars' games. You are Bobbin Threadbare, the mysterious "Loom child" and member of the Weaver Guild who must embark on a perilous journey to follow his guild members who were turned into geese and flew away from the Loom island. All puzzles are solved using a variety of spells cast from a magical staff, with no traditional inventory. There weren't actually 24 disks, at least not for the original version. There was the option of Six 5.25" Double Density (360KB) disks, or three 3.5" Double Density (720KB) floppies. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Star Flight huttah! Starflight was a ship game for the PC, released in 1986. Mankind has left earth due to an exhaustion of resources, and need to colonize another planet. Then Basically you just travel around the galaxy mining, gathering crew, fighting aliens, and trying to figure out why star systems are being blown up, without getting blown up with them. A very long winded game. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Rise Of The Dragon interview Rise Of The Dragon was a puzzle game for DOS, Amiga, and Sega CD, released in 1990. It was Dynamix's first game, presented in a Blade Runner-like environment and story. You assume the role of ex-cop William “Blade” Hunter, contracted to root out the source of a deadly new drug, MTZ, that ships in patch form and has a tendency to turn users into lizard creatures before killing them. There are a couple of arcade sequences but they are forgiving since they can be skipped if you die enough times. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Friendly Ware unused emails Friendly Ware was a software package for the PC, released in 1987. It was released by Friendlysoft, written in BASIC, and rendered in text mode via clever use of ASCII characters. The games included Master Mind, Nevada Dice, Killer Maze (navigate 3D mazes), Sea Battle (find a submarine with depth charges), Boggy Marsh (find monsters in a marsh), Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe (unbeatable against computer), Wildcatter (an oil drilling simulation), Othello, Peg Leap (basic remove pegs game), Blackjack, Dominoes, Golf, Head Coach (a football simulation), Match (a Memory-style game) and Towers of Atlantis (a Towers of Hanoi game). Other software included a number of financial programs, eye and ear tests, an ASCII drawing program, a biorhythm charter (which suffers from the Y2K bug), sports prediction software, and an introduction to computing. [Here]
Manhunter New York Arcade Game, caper Manhunter New York was an adventure game for DOS, Atari ST, and Amiga, released in 1988. It was made about a year into Sierra On-Line, by Dave, Barry, and Dee Dee Murray. It is set 16 years into the 'future', in the year 2004. In 2002 The Orbs, an alien race composed of enormous eyeballs, invaded the planet Earth, mainly New York. Two years later, in 2004, you play a Manhunter, who's only job is to track down human criminals and bring them to justice. Another 'first person, point and click' type game. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
World Games big white face World Games was a sports game for DOS and Commodore 64, made in 1987. It was made by Epyx, a company that made mostly sports games. World Games was a great collection of sports games from around the globe. It had not only good gameplay, but it was also educational, as each event started with an excellent introduction screen that gives both the background of the sport and basic rules. Some of the more enjoyable games included the scottish Caber Toss and and the spanish Bull Riding. [Udogs] [Faqs]
Space Shipper privileges Space Shipper is a fictitious game made by Videlectrix, and looks to be a Gradius/1943-esque shooter clone. Fiendish lasers threaten to destroy the solar system! Explosions are taking over the galaxy!! It's Memorial Day and YOU were the only Spaceshipper who didn't have plans. Pilot your StarZoom to freedom! And time and a half!! [Vidx]
Odell Lake funny Odell Lake was an "educational" arcade game for the Apple II, released in 1986. It was created by MECC, a company known for making many educational games. It was a simulation game in which you take the role of a fish in Odell Lake, Oregon. you meet various forms of animal and plant life, including other types of fish. Each time you meet another animal or a plant, you must decide what to do. Your decisions determine whether or not you survive! [Faqs]
50K Race Walk sibbie 50K Racewalk is a fictitious game by Videlectrix, where the player must alternate pressing left and right for hours to win. Left right, left right, left right, left right, left right, left right, left right, left right, right, OOPS! You lose! Alternate left and right without messing up for about 5 hours and you could win the gold!! [Vidx]
7th Guest anything The 7th Guest was a puzzle game for DOS and Windows, released in 1993. It was created by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, the same people to bring you Shogun. It's set in the Stauf mansion, Stauf being a guy who, for no reason, has since killed 6 people in the mansion after inviting them there. Then he invites the 7th guest, you. Once there, you have to solve a variety of puzzles. There's an atmosphere as well that tries to tie it all together, including really bad actors and manical laughter, but the majority of the game is a big puzzle collection. The puzzles don't have directions or instructions, meaning you have to learn through trial and error. Not a game for the ages, but an entertaining collection of puzzles. [Moby] [Faqs]
Tass Times In Tonetown the process Tass Times in Tonetown was an adventure game for PC, Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga, and Commodire 64, released in 1986. It's a quirky, underrated game made by Activision. Your job: visit Tonetown, a psychadelic, punkrock alternate reality to save your grandpa from a hideous crocodile creature named Franklin J. Snarl. You also have the aid of your dog who not only talks but becomes a star reporter. The puzzles are numerous but mostly easy. With a world of floating phones, triangular moons, and wacky puzzles, all created through your grandpa's dreams thanks to the "dream hoop" he invented, Tass Times in Tonetown is an extremely original game enjoyed by Adventure game fans. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
One On One mile One on one was a pioneering sports game for the Commodore 64, released in 1984. It was one of Electronic Arts' first games, a company known best for their quality sports games. This basketball game is a faithful translation of the real thing, with fouls and traveling calls, free throws, a three-point line, and even a shot clock. There are a number of gameplay options--play for a certain amount of time or first to a set score, winner's or loser's outs, etc. Players have a fatigue bar that decreases when running around and replenishes when holding still; fatigued players don't move as quickly. It had decent graphics for it's time period, but substandard sound effects. Despite this it was still a decent game, for it's time. [Faqs]
Cheat Style Floppy mile They're blank floppy disks animated by the cheat. The titles are unseen until you click on them, revealing the titles of the disks in easter eggs. Like the real floppy disk container stolen by the cheat in 'puppet time', there's not too much to say about them. [Wiki] [Here] [Here] [Here]
Out Of This World mile Out of this world was an Action Adventure game for DOS, Windows 3.X, SNES, Atari ST, Amiga, Genesis, and 3DO, made in 1991. You assume the role of Lester, a young physics professor, who suddenly finds himself on a strange alien world after lightning strikes his particle experiment. It's a cinematic game featuring realistic vector graphics and animation. It has plenty of animated cutscenes and and ambient sound effects, despite fitting on one 5.25 disk. [Moby] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Nitemare 3-D mile Nitemare 3D was an action game, obviously 3D, for DOS and Windows 3.X, made in 1994. It was made by Gray Design Associates, a company not known for much else. It's linked to the Hugo house of horror series in that you assume the role of Hugo in an attempt to save Penelope. You basically go through a three dimensional house of horrors defeating all sorts of evil bad graphics things, in a bad graphics environment. [Moby] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Old Game couch patch The title "Old game" could either simply be a generic title for an old 80's or 90's game, or 'It's a funny old game', the only game name remotely close to the floppy disk label. It was a sports game released for Windows in 1996. It's a light-hearted, amusing soccer game, with cartoon drawings to depict players, and an animated soccer ball that bounces on the pitch to signify each team's advances in the match. It also has features including player drafting, training schedule, sponsor and finances, and formation selections. Fatuige even plays a big role in the matches' outcome. There is also a short time limit for you being manager of the team, preventing you from building your team very high, and winning many championships, a low point for a game such as this. [Udogs]
Nabunagas Ambition kind of cool Nobunaga's Ambition was a turn-based strategy game for DOS, NES, SNES, Amiga, and Genesis, released in 1988. It was set in Japan's "Warring States" period, in the 16th century. You take on the role of Nobunaga Oda, a merciless ruler and great strategist, or one of the other daimyos and try to conquer Japan. Through turns you manage your armies (recruit new soldiers, train army, buy weapons etc.), keep your subjects happy, form alliances, or play dirty and hire ninjas to bribe & assassinate. When a daimyo becomes an old man, he will die of old age or sickness, giving this game a time limit. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Seicross (Suckcross) army Seicross, Aka "Suckcross", was a Sports Action game for DOS and the NES, released in 1988. It was made by FCI another little known game making company. The planet Colura and their peaceful inhabitants, the Petras, have been attacked by another badly named and much more hostile tribe known as the Basrah. While most of the Petras have hidden underground, there are still a few left out in the open, and it's your job to cruise on a bike through numerous terrains, scooping Petras up to safety. The graphics are simplistic, the music poor and repetitive, the controls are touchy, the game is basically the same thing over and over, and doesn't really have much of an ending. Quite deserving of the title 'Suckcross'. [Moby] [Faqs]
Bio Menace video games Bio Menace was a sidescrolling adventure shooter game for DOS, released in 1993. It was created by Apogee, a company known for creating many adventure sidescrollers during that era. Basically the earth is invaded by aliens, and it's your job to stop them, using your trusty blaster. Not much more can be said about it. [Moby] [Udogs]
Maniac Mansion lackey Maniac Mansion was an adventure game for DOS, Apple II, NES, Atari ST, Amiga, and Commodore 64, released in 1987 by LucasFilm Games. It featured multiple characters to choose from, four possible endings, multiple solutions to the puzzles, and a very non-linear structure in general, giving the player a wide range of methods to win. The plot is to save the girlfriend of one of your characters. The only hurdle is the residents of, and the building itself, the Maniac Mansion. It's made to be a spoof on every cheesy action/horror/sci-fi movie of the 80's, making the game a purposeful joke. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Hypou Blade stupid stuff Hypou Blade could be refering to 'HyperBlade', said with a Homestar speech impediment. HyperBlade was a Hockey game released for Windows in 1996. Made by Activision, HyperBlade introduces the 3D battlesport of the future. Players engage in a futuristic street-hockey style game with a very different twist. Body-checks (weapons are included) go for blood in this game as players can be gruesomely eliminated from the game. Power-ups, speed boosts, ramps, and simple team management (for substitutions) are all part of the experience. Some strategy is required for play, but it's mostly pure action. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
BAAL different town BAAL was a little known Action game for the Atari ST and Commodore 64, released in 1989. You are member of the Time Warriors, an elite commando unit sent into an alien lair to defeat Baal, a crazy demon who is bent on conquering Earth. Featuring groutesque looking aliens, BAAL has a reputation as being a mildly disturbing action game. Overall, besides the creepy look of the game, there is little surprise or challenge to keep anyone playing to the end. A rather lackluster shooter. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
File:Floppy Puppet Time.PNG Puppet Time It's a real floppy disk container. May be labeled, but the quality is too poor to see. Like the blank floppy disk animated by the cheat in 'mile', there's not too much to say about it. [Wiki] [Here] [Here] [Here]
File:Floppy flashback.PNG flashback Cave Quest was an adventure game that The Brothers Chaps made while they were younger, likely the late 1980's or 1990's. They made it on the Apple II, and it supposedly had "gorgeous low-res Apple II C+ graphics." [Here]
Shogun Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon Shogun was an Adventure game for DOS, released in 1988. It was made by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, the same people that brought you 7th Guest. Basically you wander around as one of a number of characters, trying to build up your rapport with the people. If that fails, you can also battle and plunder, working your way up to the status of Shogun. You can also collect items during your adventures, including weapons and armour. The game doesn't end until you die or become Shogun. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Ugh-lympics car Caveman Ugh-lympics was a sports game for DOS, NES, and Commodore 64, released in 1988. It was made by Electronic Arts, a company well known for making quality sports games. In this early game of theirs you assume the roles of various cave men while competing in prehistoric sports, namely saber race, mate toss, clubbing, firemaking, dino race and dino vault. The controls are somewhat awkward, but with up to a 4 player option, and fun events fun to watch, Caveman Ugh-lympics makes for a short but fun, quirky game. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Tengen Classix haircut Tengen Classix was likely a collection of the best classic games made by Tengen, a subsidiary company of Atari. It made games from 1985 through to 1993. They made games for a wide array of platforms, from Amiga to ZX Spectrum, and everything in between. Over 40 games were credited to them, with titles such as Paperboy 1&2, Tetris, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ms. Pac-Man, Hydra, and many many more. [Moby] [Udogs] [Wiki]
Alone In The Dark replacement Alone in the Dark was an Action Adventure game for DOS and 3DO, released in 1992. It was made out to be a horror game by Interplay, a 3D adventure game with some action thrown in, loosely based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. You play a character that is driven to investigate a "suicide" in an old Louisiana mansion. Little do you know, however, of the lurking horrors that await you. Many enemies, few weapons, and one goal: Escape alive. [Moby] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Bushido cheatday Bushido was an Action game for DOS, released in 1983. It was made by Ebenel Enterprises, a company who's best and only credit was Bushido. It was a martial arts fighing game set in feudal Japan with a simple premise: fight a multitude of enemies in a multitude of settings. Very repetitive, but a pioneer of the martial arts fighting genre. In japanese, bushido means "way of the warrior". [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Thexder the facts Thexder was an Action game for DOS, Apple II, and Amiga, released in 1987. It was a platform shooter from Japan, with many levels and diverse enemies that gradually increase in difficulty. You pilot a Robotech-style robot capable of switching from a mech into a jet at any time, complete with auto-aim, rechargable energy, and a short term shield that can be activated to protect you from harm. It didn't have a save option however, so playing for an hour just to die at the same point eventually starts to get frustrating. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Lunar Lander time capsule Lunar Lander was an arcade game using vector graphics made by Atari in 1979. It was later ported to the Atari 400/800 home computers line. The goal of the game was to correctly land a lunar module on the surface of the moon. If the player miscalculates the module's landing, the module will either fly off into space or crash hard against the moon's surface. Due to the simplicity of the design, it has spawned countless flash copies on the internet. [Udogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Death Track extra plug Deathtrack was a Racing game for DOS, released in 1989. It was made by Dynamix, with a simple premise. In the future, races are held across America where the drivers race for money, and their lives. You are the rookie. Welcome to Deathtrack. You start the game with a meagre sum, choose from one of three cars, either speedy, powerful, or armored. You race, you win, and your winnings can be used to upgrade your car's armour, weapons and parts to eventually make your car nearly invincible. Which comes in handy, since this game doesn't really have an ending. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Spy Vs Spy virus Spy Vs Spy was a strategy game for Apple II, NES, Atari ST, Amiga, Sega Master System, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum, released in 1984. It was first published by First Star Software and based on the M.A.D magazine comics with the same name about the slapstick antics of two spies trying to kill each other with improbably complex and elaborate traps and weapons. A fun two player game, enjoyed with a friend or against the computer. You assume the role of either the black spy or the white spy, and try to beat your counterpart before the time bell rings. Find the needed objects hidden throughout the embassy, and set creative booby traps for your foe. [Moby] [Faqs]
Future Wars animal Future Wars was an Adventure game for DOS, Atari ST, and Amiga released in 1990. It was Delphine Software's debut and first attempt at a graphic adventure game with a point-and-click interface. A right click brings up the verb menu. After choosing one of the six commands, you point the mouse over the desired target and execute with a left click. You assume the role of a common, little window cleaner, when you find a time machine in your chiefs back office. Thus begins your adventure in both the past and the future. Evil aliens, beautiful girl, and sometimes very frustrating puzzles make up the bulk of this game. [Moby] [Udogs] [Faqs]
Oregon Trail Main Page 22 The Oregon Trail was an educational game for DOS, Windows, and Apple II, first released in 1985. It was made by MECC, a company known for making educational games, with Oregon Trail being it's most notable accomplishment. As a covered wagon pary of pioneers, you head out west from Independence, MI to the Willamette River and valley in Oregon. You first must stock up on provisions, and then, while traveling, make decisions such as when to rest, how much food to eat, etc. It incorporated strategy and planning ahead along with discovery and adventure as well as action (hunting and floating down the Dalles river). It also spawned several remakes and sequals. [Moby] [UDogs] [Faqs] [Wiki]
Oregon Trail 2 Main Page 22 The Oregon Trail II was an educational game for Windows, released in 1996. It was also made by MECC, the second in a line of several remakes of the classic game. In this sequel to Oregon Trail you can do much more than its predecessor. You can travel to Salt Lake city or Oregon City, and start at several different places. You also have to deal with problems along the way, including starvation, broken appendages, and those sort of things. You'll probably even lose several members of your wagon along the way. But that's okay, as long as they don't include yourself. [Moby] [Faqs] [Wiki]
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