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Fluffy Puff has employed a number of mascots over the years.


"Don'tcha like me?"

Main Article: Marshie

Marshie, a large, smiling white marshmallow with a bite taken from its side, is the genuinely alarming mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. He serves as a caustic and slightly absurd satire of any number of mascots hawking products to children. In particular, his face seems to have been inspired by that of the Kool-Aid Man. He also shares a resemblance to both the Carl's Jr./Hardee's star and the characters on the Elyon kosher marshmallows bag (in particular, the middle one on the bag). His slogan "Made from the best stuff" is directly from Snapple's slogan of "Made from the best stuff on earth".

Mr. Shmallow


Main Article: Mr. Shmallow

Mr. Shmallow is the Old-Timey version of Marshie. He is the spokesman for Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights and is creepy enough to give The Homestar Runner nightmares (though he has a poncey Back East accent instead of Marshie's smarmy, fey lilt). His grave is shown in That A Ghost and in Malloween Commercial, posing the idea that the Old-Timey toons actually happened. He has the same walking noise as Homsar and Nibbles, and his hair is used as a wiper for his glasses.


"I make good ear plugs, too."

Main Article: Nibbles

Nibbles is a mini-marshmallow and the mascot for Fluffy Puff Bite-Size Nibblers. He claims to be "one years old." Not only is Nibbles a sugary confection, he supposedly makes good earplugs, too. The existence of Nibbles raises the ire of Fluffy Puff's established mascot, Marshie, causing him to scream "get out of here, you little runt!" at the diminutive confection. Nibbles' walking sound is the same sound that Homsar and Mr. Shmallow make.

Marshie's Mother

"Just walk away, Mother."

Marshie's Mother has only appeared in portrait form. She is an older looking marshmallow woman, with jowls and a bun hairdo. There seems to be some animosity between Marshie and his mother, as Marshie exclaims "Just walk away, Mother." Notably, not only is this line a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic, Psycho, but the painting is drawn similarly to the caricature of Hitchcock seen at the start of his television program, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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"I'm an abomination! And I'm coming to your house after school!"

Gel-arshie is the alarming mascot for Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance, and is featured in a TV commercial in winter pool. He is made of red gelatin dessert, and has a visible brain floating in the center. Apart from that, he is very similar to Marshie, although his voice is slightly distorted. Strong Bad thinks commercials such as these should be rated NC-17 (for 'Needlessly Creepy times 17').

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