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"Made From The Best Stuff!"

Fluffy Puff Mayonnaise is a product that appears to be made from Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, though if it were made completely from marshmallows it would actually be marshmallow fluff (a nearly imperishable product with a long history; commonly enjoyed on a sandwich with peanut butter, aka the Fluffernutter), not mayonnaise, which is made from vegetable oil, water, and egg yolks.

It first showed up in Marzipan's kitchen the toon Where's The Cheat?, as Homestar Runner spread it on the bun to make a Homestar Jr. veggie burger. It was later advertised in Meet Marshie and A Decemberween Pageant. Two jars can also be seen in The King of Town's pantry in the Strong Bad Email the bet. In your edge, Strong Bad and The Cheat spread it on cardboard boxes. According to Strong Bad's Twitter account, there was originally going to be a match-3 game based on this product.

Its advertising slogan is "Made From The Best Stuff!", which may be a reference to Snapple, which advertises itself as being "Made from the best stuff on earth."


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