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Foreign words are often mispronounced, or at least pronounced in exaggerated ways, by various characters.


Original Word How It Was Pronounced Appears In Spoken By
anime ah·nee·may TrogdorCon '97 Strong Sad
baklava ba·ka·la·va, ba·ka·ma·la·va Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon Strong Sad (correctly), Marzipan
gazebo ga·ze·boh 3 Times Halloween Funjob Strong Bad
haiku hai·oo·koo Halloween Fairstival Strong Bad
manga mag·na TrogdorCon '97 Homestar Runner
rendezvous ren·dez·vouuuu·ses Email origins Strong Bad
señor seh·nyor Señor This is the character's name
senor seh·nor Email kind of cool, Email pop-up, Senor Mortgage, Senorial Day Misuse of the word señor - see main article Senor.
subpoena sub-poe-ee-nah Email rampage Strong Bad
résumé reh·zoom The Interview Homestar Runner
ukelele oo·koo·lay·lay The Luau Marzipan (multiple times)
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