Fourth Wall Breaks

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Once in a blue moon, the H*R characters "break the fourth wall" by recognizing their existence as cartoon characters on a computer screen rather than in a fictional world of their own. They have only done this in the following Strong Bad Emails:

  • huttah!: The Cheat actually watches the e-mail on his own computer
  • the process: the entire email implies that Strong Bad is aware that he is a cartoon being watched by people at home
  • flashback: they extend the size of the display area and Homestar Runner is "behind the black"
  • for kids: Strong Bad alludes to the idea of children at home watching the emails
  • other days: Strong Bad does his email earlier for "Eastern European viewers across the pond"
  • extra plug: the scene at the end with the cast making a fake e-mail give the impression that Strong Bad knows someone's watching, and that they want to see the e-mail finished
  • virus: the characters recognize that they are in a cartoon
  • animal: Strong Bad says goodbye to everyone.
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