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Lady Type

Foxface is the only female Cheat Commando (A.K.A. Lady Type!). She isn't one of the guys, and she has her natural haircolor. She wears a gray outfit with a blue belt—she totally has it together! Reynold would love to go with her on a classy date. She owns a Bulletproof Handbag.

This female Cheat is really just a generic Cheat with a wig and lipstick. Foxface has yet to be seen on Cheat Commandos Adventures. "Fox face" is also the Japanese term for a woman with facial features traditionally considered beautiful in Japan: thin eyebrows, close set eyes, and thin lips. Attractive women in the United States are also called "foxy" or other similar fox-related terms.

Foxface is based on the female G.I. Joe character, Scarlett, whose file card quote read, "I'm not just one of the guys — I'm better." Foxface's package reads: "Not one of the guys!"

Her first appearance was in the short "Cheat Commandos Commercial" and appeared in an Easter egg at the end, accessible by clicking "Rock rock on." A makeshift Foxface appeared in Shopping for Danger, made up of a mop, bucket, and Reynold's glasses.

Defining Traits

  • Lady Type!
  • Natural haircolor!
  • Totally Has It Together!
  • Not One of The Guys!!

Complete Filmography

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