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The sweet, sweet rainbow bridge to Free Country, USA

Free Country, USA is the where the Homestar Runner Universe is centred. All of the main characters live, work, and play here.



Free Country has large rolling hills/bushes and green fields. It has a pond with a wharf. It has deciduous trees and has no fauna, save for a few crickets, at least one fly and a Cockroach.


The King of Town is the self-conferred sovereign whose reign is not recognized by the populace. Strongbadia is a semi-autonomous enclave within its borders.


The local currency is US dollars (Though the use of pencil shavings as currency was started by The Cheat in lackey). However, a strong barter system exists allowing trade of goods and services. Most local commerce occurs at Bubs' Concession Stand.

Estimated Location

In the email "radio," the CGNU radio station's call letters are given as WSBD. Real world radio designations would place Free Country east of the Mississippi river. Its exact location has yet to be revealed, although it's likely a northern or high altitude town given the snowy weather around Decemberween. Furthermore, in the email anything, Homestar refers to his two liter bottle of Mountain Dew as "soda" which is a term more used in the north-east and in the west. In the mid-west it is frequently called "pop". On the other hand, the scene in the Theme Song Video where Homestar runs around the planet would lead one to believe that it's possible that Free Country is somewhere in northern Nebraska. The Brothers Chaps themselves live in Atlanta, making it a possibility that they draw the landscape according to their surroundings.


In the 1930s, Free Country was a home for dirt roads, picket fences, carnival tents and antiquated Industrial Revolution-era factories.

A possible future takes place in the year 20X6, and on Planet K. It looks much like it does today, albeit married with a futuristic city.

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