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Counter-Strike servers with AdminMod installed occasionally display messages "(username) was burninated by Trogdor, er by (username)" and "Headshot! For good, and for AWESOME!"

Toontown Online

Far into the game you meet some one named Coach Zucini who says "You can call me Coach Z."

Custom Robo

A little way through the game there is a quiz on basic game knowledge. One of the (wrong) answers to a multiple-choice question is "Parts Burninator".

Amazing Island

On page 9/10 of the manual, there are instructions on creating a new character. Whoever took the picture had named his character Homestar.


This homemade parody of Everquest, found at, allows one of the characters to summon Trogdor the Burninator.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the default name choices at the beginning is "Homsar Star". You may need to click on the button again many times to come to this name. "Kerrek" will show up as well.

Derby Owner's Club

One of the default sires' name is "Homestar Runner."

Cyborg Livestock Outer Space

If you defeat the alien mothership from Shockwave's Cyborg Livestock from Outer Space, the end text says that the ship "asplode," just as your head does in the game StrongBadZone.

World of Warcraft appears in the "Additional Thanks" section of the credits. Screenshot

X-Men Legends

"Strong Bad and Friends" are thanked in the "Special Thanks" section of the End Credits.

Kings of Chaos

When your army wins a battle, one of the phrases is "You burninated the enemy!" Likewise, when your army is beaten, one of the phrases is "The enemy burninated your army!" Kings of Chaos

The Sims: Makin' Magic

Room: 1 Obscure Reference: 8

One of the appliances is called "StinkSmasher 20X6."

Urbz: Sims in the City

One of the Xizzles you can get is called "All up ons," which is a reference to suntan.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

A man in Hellfire Chasm says "This is private property. Trespassers will be burninated."

In Whisperwind Cove one of the items you obtain in one of the floors from a dwarf is called 'Witches Brew"

(Both these areas were exclusively for the GBA version of the games, and were not on the original copies for the NES.)

The Kingdom of Loathing

On The Kingdom of Loathing, when you smash the hippy stone at the campground you will go to player vs player combat. One of the ways to attack a player is to "BURNINATE".

In The Barrel Full Of Barrels, one of the events is entitled "Your Barrel A Splode".

In The Hidden Temple, one of the events is entitled "Arrowed!".

In the chat function, the chat command '/baleet username' carries out the same affect as '/ignore username'.

The game contains an item, Marzipan skull, which contains a reference to Marzipan. The description says, "You were afraid this thing came out of a girl who looks like a broomstick with a wig and a skirt, but really it's just compressed sugar and almond extract."

The game also contains a Mr. Balloon item, of which the description refers to the high voice crew from helium.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Driving around Las Venturas, one can find a "Bub's Hardware." The sign also seems to say something about "Cheats." A map is included here.

Adventure Quest

In the free flash RPG Adventure quest, occasionally when a guardian summons the guardian dragon, the dragon will say: "BURNINATE!!! (Please don't sue us)"

Tony Hawk's Underground

In the Moscow level, if you jump into a certain chimney, you die and the screen gives you a message. One of the messages is "BURNINATED!".

In the Vancouver level, when you drive the limo, the license plate on the back of it says "LimoZeen".

Neverwinter Nights

New NWN patches have demo modules that illustrate creatures that have been added in those patches. These modules, created by Jay Watamaniuk, tend to be a bit silly in tone. The demo module included in v1.64, Land Sea-Puma, has a signpost with following directions:

North - Certain Dhoom
East - Most Likely Dhoom
West - Fair to Excellent Conditions for Dhoom
Dennis - Ye Will Find Nothing of Yon Interest Here Aye

Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde

In the credits of this game, it says "Additional Thanks To: Strong Bad."

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Listed in the credits, listed under "SPECIAL THANKS," is "SB/HSR."

Guild Wars

As an Elementalist (a mage), one can acquire spells called "Mark of Rodgort" and "Rodgort's Invocation." Both spells cause a condition in which the target catches on fire. Rodgort spelled backwards is Trogdor.

In the latest update, one can go on a quest to bring an evil Stone Summit dwarf a Cold One, which you create by adding ice to a Warm One.

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator

In the third game in the series, when looking at a hut it is described as "A small thatched-roof cottage, suitable for burnination."

Earth Bound:Quest for finality

When you're the girl character, you can summon Trogdor. When you do, the Trogdor theme song will come on.

Total Overdose

If you manage to set an enemy on fire, you will be awarded with a burnination combo.

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