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"And now to announce your Prom King and Queen!"

In addition to cross-dressing, characters also say and do things that suggest they are unclear about one's gender (though this is often done in apparent jest).



Strong Bad

Coach Z

  • Email 2 emails — Coach Z picks up a name tag and claims he's "Hot Girl #37".
  • Email garage sale — Coach Z counts himself as a mom.
  • Email senior prom — Homestar mistakes Coach Z for Strong Sad's date, "Debra".
  • Date Nite — The last scene implies that Coach Z believes that Bubs is his date (hence the the fact that he acts like a housewife and wears hair curlers), while Bubs was really Marzipan's next date.
  • Email rated — Strong Bad thinks Coach Z kind of looks like his mom, and Coach Z responds by asking if he should shave his legs.
  • Kick-A-Ball — When confronting The Umpire, Coach Z says that he's playing women's lacrosse, and is seen wearing a pink skirt.
  • Punkin Stencils — Upon carving the Stinkoman pumpkin, Homestar says that without him, people might call Coach Z, "Mrs. Grey" instead.

Senor Cardgage

  • Email kind of cool — Strong Bad boasts that Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad would still be "so cool, that even if you were a dude, [he'd] still call at you like you were a lady." In an Easter egg, Senor Cardgage calls Strong Bad "ma'am," and later, "Ethel".
  • Email flashback — Senor Cardgage refers to Strong Bad as "Elizagerth".
  • Senor Mortgage — Senor Cardgage calls the Visor Robot "Valerie".
  • Senorial Day — Senor Cardgage calls Strong Bad "Ms. America".
  • Email rough copy — Senor Cardgage refers to Strong Bad as "Grendolyn".
  • Email rated — Senor Cardgage calls Strong Bad "Bridget".

Teen Girl Squad

Other Characters

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