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[[Image:Tao_Chicken.PNG|thumb|right|220px|General Tso's Chicken b/w stink]]
[[Image:Tao_Chicken.PNG|thumb|right|220px|General Tso's Chicken w/ stink]]
[[Image:ryans.png|thumb|In Gracious Mascot Form]]
[[Image:ryans.png|thumb|In Gracious Mascot Form]]

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General Tso's Chicken w/ stink
In Gracious Mascot Form

General Tso's Chicken was first seen in ghosts. Strong Bad and The Cheat are searching Strongbadia and find a rotten carton of Chinese food discarded by The Cheat. They think it is possessed, but it turns out it's just grody and rotten.

General Tso's Chicken appears in mascot form in Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace USA. The costume is worn by Homsar.

Finally, it appears as an obstacle you must avoid in the Awexome Cross game.

General Tso's Chicken is also a real-world chicken dish that is staggeringly popular in today's American Chinese restaurants.

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