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This article is about generic announcers. For the mustachioed character with the distinctive voice, see The Announcer.
"Listen up, short children!"

Despite there being a resident announcer, most narration and announcements are made by generic announcers, several of which have made multiple appearances.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Strong Bad Emails

  • CGNU — An announcer says, "Actual applicants not accepted. Art test is only so we can make fun of you."
  • cheat talk — An announcer translates The Cheat's earlier sentences.
  • fingers — In the opening, a Batman-type announcer narrates the persistency of emails asking Strong Bad how he types with boxing gloves.
  • the process — A radio announcer advertises Discount Alligator, and another radio announcer tells when the store is open, gives directions on how to get there, and mentions having a bald spot.
  • mile — A TV announcer says, "TV show featuring The Cheat in a Trans Am."
  • the bet — In the manner of a disclaimer, an announcer unintelligibly mumbles, "BUTTER-DA IS NOH HUSH A BUSH PUSH LEOPOLD."
  • lackey — An announcer introduces, "The Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show," which is "brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy Hobby Kits".
  • pizzaz — An announcer identical to the one for Cheat Commandos provides an introduction and ending for Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum.
  • Family Resemblence — A comical-voiced announcer, sounding identical to the fourth voiceover in Greeting Cards, advertises the game Jurvy-Skat by Boardelectrix.
  • animal — In an Easter egg, an announcer says, "Second-place contestants receive deep sea fanglyfish. Promotional considerations by Sterrance. Strong Bad's wardrobe furnished by Styles Upon Styles."
  • radio — An announcer reads the text, "Strong Bad's test sentence is 'The fish was delish and it made quite a dish.'"
  • secret recipes — An announcer similar to the one in radio says that "Strong Bad may or may not have an actual Great Uncle Pawdabber," mentions that "Homestar Runner definitely does not have a Stupid Uncle Egg," and doesn't even know what a poopaw is.
  • bottom 10 — An announcer, cutting off Nibbles's line, advertises Fluffy Puff Bite-Size Nibblers.
  • geddup noise — A game show announcer refers to Homestar as Kevin and says that "the geddup noise will receive a year's supply of [their] home game." Another announcer, advertising Hamburger Shampoo, says the product is "Geddup Noise Approved."
  • space program — An announcer provides a voiceover about SBASAF on a slideshow.
  • candy product — An announcer says that when purchasing a SBLOUNSKCHED! Bar, the buyer can "get one free root canal or cavity search."
  • alternate universe — The announcer from fingers reads, "In a bulding..." in the same fashion as in Sketchbook (DVD).
  • senior prom — An announcer is heard saying that "Strong Bad's Very Popular Cartoon Show" will be showing instead of the King of Town's. Another announcer is heard reading the text, "Accepting the award for Pom Pom is Homestar Runner because Pom Pom's at a much cooler private school prom."
  • theme song — The CGNU online e-niversity announcer, an announcer voiced by Jackie Chapman, the announcer from Senor Mortgage and Senorial Day, an announcer for the "Three is 4 Tonite" and "Cheat Commandos" half-screen commercials, and an announcer for Powered by The Cheat, are all heard in turn.
  • Accent — Before the final scene, the announcer from fingers says, "Next week on Strong Bad Email..."
  • cliffhangers — When he is just about to tell the viewers to tune in next time, an announcer is told by Strong Bad to "just get to resolving," to which he replies, "okay."
  • 4 branches — After the Polymascotfoamalate tune, an announcer says, "Polymascotfoamalate! Helping America ingenuitize the future across the globe!"
  • strong badathlon — During the Remote Put, a TV announcer reads the text, "Cute little girl from sit-com sings patriotic song."
  • the movies — An announcer for the film trivia slide says, "If you answered "B", you're ready for film school." There's also an announcer saying, "Be considerate of others. Please turn off your bazookas before the progrum."
  • underlings — The first announcer does a voiceover for Stink's Reach, the second announcer says, in a nasally voice, "Tuesdays at 8:30," and a third announcer, who sounds slightly similar to Crackotage, says, "We now return to Dartmouth!"
  • original — An announcer rephrases Bubs's line in third person, followed by a queasy "uhhhhhh."
  • web comics — A TV announcer for "Saturday Mornideo Games" is heard saying, "Secret Collect will be right back. And stay tuned for The Animated Adventures of Thy Dungeonman!"
  • business trip — An announcer, with a voice parodying the one used for Miller High Life commercials, advertises Expen$e Account Ones.
  • diorama — An announcer, similar to the one from the Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 Easter egg, is heard during an advertisement for the "All new 2008 Air Cardgage," which costs "" and is located at Styles Upon Styles.
  • nightlife — An announcer advertises the Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt from Blubb-O's.
  • buried — An announcer says, "And our stupid contestants will receive the Taranchula brand black Metal Detec-tor! From Videlectrix!" And the announcer from the business trip Easter egg advertises Cold Ones Dry, "the official beverage of Taranchula," and calls Schenkel McDoo "Sven."
  • independent — Two different announcers read the taglines for city (comma) state and Cyber.Coma.Static.
  • sbemail 206 — An announcer does the voiceover for the Dangeresque 4 preview. Another announcer advertises some fake "nerd culture products".

[edit] Shorts

  • Strong Bad SingsMike Chapman provides the voice of the second announcer at the end of the short.
  • Mr. Shmallow — In sotto voce, an announcer reads the text, "Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights. Hand-puffed at the factory in Neuconsin."
  • Cheat Commandos — A raspy-voiced announcer advertises the Cheat Commandos figurines, playsets, and the TV show.
  • Senor Mortgage — An announcer's voice appears during the beginning and a shot of the text, "BAD CREDIT?"
  • Commandos in the Classroom — The Cheat Commandos announcer is heard reading the headlines for lessons four and five.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Throughout the short, an announcer gives details about the Blubb-O's restaurant.
  • SBCG4AP Advertisement — In the beginning, an announcer reads words on screen and pronounces "advertisement" as "ad-VER-tis-ment." He also says, "Game will not literally leave your Wii console a smoldering crater."
  • Coach Z's 110% — An announcer takes part in advertising Coach Z's 110% Hustle for Sports Instructional Video.
  • Squintmojis — An announcer takes over for Strong Bad at the end of the video, and trails off wondering if someone has already used his slogan.

[edit] Big Toons

[edit] Holiday Toons

  • A Decemberween Pageant — An announcer says A Decemberween Pageant was brought to you by Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, Marshmallow Mayonnaise, and Litigation Jackson.
  • Senorial Day — An announcer introduces the "Senorial Day Tent Event Supra Sale" and lists the years 2005, 2004, and 1999.
  • Fall Float Parade — An announcer says, "We now return to the firty-tirst annual fall float parade."
  • Toikey TV — A TV announcer is heard during the Thanksgiving Football Bowl.
  • Sloshybowl — An announcer in the Super Bowl halftime show is heard introducing sloshy, which plays their song, "American Football Championship Game."
  • Sickly Sam's Big Outing — An announcer introduces the cartoon in the beginning.
  • Costume Commercial — The first announcer, who speaks quietly and monotonously in the beginning and the end, and the second announcer, who is heard speaking enthusiastically during most of the short, advertise Halloween Costumes and Products.
    • The first, more sedate announcer is heard again in Fan 'Stumes 2019, advertising a hypothetical Strong Bad Blacklight Paint Kit.
  • A Death Defying Decemberween — After the first scene, an announcer says, "We now return to Homestar Runner's Death-Defying Decemberween Special."
  • A Decemberween Mackerel — In an Easter egg, an announcer advertises Hot Pooey.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — A voice is heard announcing the location and opening times of Strong Bad's haunted house. At the end, an announcer reads a spooky poem about Largest Bean. In an Easter egg, the same announcer as in A Decemberween Mackerel advertises the Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte.
  • Decemberweenvent Calendar (Day 19) — Two generic announcers advertise Kerrek Brau.

[edit] Other

[edit] See Also

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