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* [[The Luau]]
* '''Debut:''' [[The Luau]]
* [[A Jorb Well Done]]
* [[A Jorb Well Done]]
* [[Everybody to the Limit]]
* [[Everybody to the Limit]]

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Blastro the Ghetto
Pizza worthy

The Ghetto Blastro is combination radio/tape player first seen at Strong Bad's party in The Luau to play all the latest releases of the artists of today. Coach Z has used the tape player to learn how to say "job."

Various versions of this device, identifiable by such features as the oversize speakers or the LED equalizer, have appeared including a Puppet Time and Powered by The Cheat incarnation.

The Brothers Strong own a piece of equipment similar to it, called the booOOMbox.

As far as origins, "Ghetto Blaster" is a generic 80's term for a boom box, so named because of the proliferation of bass-filled rap music at the time and the usage of the word "ghetto" to describe the inner-city homes of many rappers. It was also the finishing move of a WWF wrestler named Bad News Brown (aka Bad News Allen).


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