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Hear a word on and have no idea what in the world it means? Here is a great place to find what you're looking for. Also, Inside Jokes might help. If a word is linked, click on the link to find out more information.

Note: Most of these aren't real words, and exist only in the H*R Universe.


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20X6: Pronounced twenty-exty-six, this is possibly the eventual future of Free Country, USA, it's the hometime of Stinkoman. It's also The Brothers Chaps' way of parodying the Megaman series, which takes place during 20XX, as well as anime in general.

404'd!: Something that happens when you type in something Homestar-related that doesn't exist.


ARROWED!: Something that happens to the Teen Girl Squad, in which The Man With The Huge Mouth spits arrows out of his mouth at The Ugly One. It also happens to Trogdor in the TROGDOR! game. You also get ARROWED in Peasant's Quest if you walk in front of the archer in the hidden glen, and the Kerrek gets ARROWED when you shoot him. (See also: SWORDED!).

Atari 2600: A video game system, parodied time and time again in Homestar Runner. Early uses include In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD and Main Page 13. A console also appears on the Strong Bad's Room Main Page.

Awexome: Like awesome, but more so. See Awexome Cross.

All up ons: It means the ladies really like something.


BALEETED!: Another way to say "deleted". From 50 emails, in which Homestar can't spell "deleted".

Burninate: Trogdor's fire breathing ability as seen in the TROGDOR! video game.


CEREBELLUM'D!: The Man with the Huge Mouth attacks Cheerleader with a giant brain with an eye patch.

CGNU: Crazy Go Nuts University. A school that Strong Bad created. AKA "see gee in you".

CHALLENGE!!!: A favorite word (and pastime) of Stinkoman.

CHILDREN!: Another The Man with the Huge Mouth attack. He says it when he ran over So and So's New Boyfriend with a van with "CHILDREN!" written on the side.

...comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!: Phrase used anytime someone describes a dragon, especially Trogdor. Put the name of the thing before "comes". Originally from guitar.

Crap: It's the word that Strong Bad likes to hear himself say, but not hear other people say. It can also be changed to be Crapful, Crapfully, Crappy, Crap-for-brains and various other words. See "Holy Crap".


Dag yo: The equivalent of saying "Dang, man" or something close to that. Used in comic and Teen Girl Squad Issue 1.

DELETED!!!: Strong Bad's preferred method of dealing with E-mails unworthy of his attention, or ones he wishes to make examples of.

DELORTED!!!: Coach Z's Pronunciation of 'DELETED!!!'. Seen in replacement. Screen turns dark gold, as opposed to the usual blue.

Denny's Menu: This is the title of the Strong Bad Email menu page, where Strong Bad (occasionally accompanied by another character) does his Email Raps.

Doppy: According to TV Time Magazine, Homestar and Company eat pie and get doppy. The term is never fully explained. It's unclear whether "getting doppy" is a result of eating pie or a separate activity. See Toons Menu.

Dumples: The name of Crazy Go Nuts University's sports teams. The CGNU mascot is The Jolly Dumple.


Easter egg: A hidden feature in a website (they also appear elsewhere, such as DVDs and games). Authors put them in as inside jokes, or to reward especially dedicated visitors/viewers/players (or just the ones with the most spare time). Most Strong Bad Emails have at least one easter egg, as do other parts of the site.

Email: The form of communication of which Strong Bad gets his mail for Strong Bad Emails.

Everloving: A term used by Strong Bad to enhance something. Always used as "Blank the everloving blank out of blank". For example: "Egg the everloving crap out of your castle", or "Beat the everloving snot out of me."


Fangoriously: To be devoured and subsequently digested in a manner similar to that of an ice cream sandwich, often by a gelatinous monster or by somthing with fangs.

Fhqwhgads: A fan's name that became the #1 summer jam "Everybody to the Limit."

freakin': Something everyone in the H*R universe loves to say. "Put that freakin' sandwich down!"


Gelatinous: A word that kids will learn reading Strong Bad's Children's Book.

Graw Mad: A nickname for Strong Mad. Used by Strong Bad in the facts.

Gron Sad: A nickname for Strong Sad. Used by Strong Bad in car.


H*R: A common abbreviation of Homestar Runner.

Holy Crap: A common term used by Strong Bad. It is usually said when Strong Bad is angry, annoyed, upset, or surprised.

HSR: Another common abbreviation of Homestar Runner.

(Da) Huuuuuudge: A blob-like creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal. See "Made Up Strong Bad Animals."


Intelligent or Intelligence: Ability to use and obtain knowledge. Strong Bad thinks Homestar Runner is not intelligent; however, Homestar out-smarted Strong Bad with his own intelligence in stupid stuff. Homestar Runner is mocked in many cartoons for his lack of intelligence.


Jibblies: What Strong Bad got when he thought about giving the Poopsmith a bath in your friends. The jibblies are fairly equivalent to "the creeps" (e.g. the thought of getting a root canal gives me the creeps).

Jillion: A very large imaginary number. EX:and like a jillion dollars

Jimmies: What The Ugly One received on the surface of her yogurt from TCYBCBY. They consist of small particles of chocolate or flavored candy sprinkled on ice cream as a topping.

Jorb: How Coach Z used to say job. See A Jorb Well Done.

Jerb: Variation of Jorb.



Late 360 shove-it to boneless'd: A halfpipe skateboarding stunt pulled by Thomas in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5. The "'d" was added a slight pause later.

LTWFTW: Long Time Watcher, First Time Writer. Said of a fan in stunt double.


Macromedia Flash: The software that the The Brothers Chaps use to make the Homestar Runner cartoons.

Melonade: A drink that Homestar consumes in large quantities. Presumably made from melons.

MSG'd!: Another Teen Girl Squad attack from The Man With The Huge Mouth. This time he threw 3 spring rolls at The Ugly One. A reference to monosodium glutamate (MSG) in Asian food.



Old-Timey: Another name for the 1936 toons. First used in the TV Time menu entry for Kick the Can.


Peasant: In order to be classified as a peasant in Peasant's Quest, you must smell like a peasant, look like a peasant (that is, wear a robe), and be on fire like a peasant.

Piemonade: A beverage that appears to be lemonade with a slice of pie in it. Around the office, it's known as p-nade. Seen in other days.

Poopaw: Some sort of relative of Strong Bad's. No one is quite sure what a poopaw is. Referred to in secret recipes, he is the keeper of the secret recipe for "Chicken-fried the CHEKT".

Pretendous: Another way of saying outrageous, usually in regards to money and bills.

The Process: The process used by Strong Bad to answers his e-mails. See the process.



Red Steckled Elbermung: A creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal. See "Made Up Strong Bad Animals."


SAILING MISHAP!: Yet another attack on Teen Girl Squad by The Man With The Huge Mouth. He runs his boat (the S. S. Inevitable) onshore, breaking Cheerleader in half.

sibbie: Someone who asked Strong Bad to write a song about him/her after he made one about fhqwhgads. Strong Bad refused, but somehow he made two songs: "Song About Sibbie" and "I Freakin' Hate Sibbie". See sibbie.

SOOO GOOD!: Usually at the begining of an issue of Teen Girl Squad, the girls will allude to looking "Sooooooooo Good!"

SWORD'D!: This is what happens to Trogdor in the Trogdor game when he touches a knight.

Sterrance: A creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal.


Twelve Sided Died: To be crushed by a die with twelve sides. See Teen Girl Squad Issue 8.

The Chekt: An animal invented by Strong Bad. Strong Bad's poopaw supposedly has a receipe for "Chicken-fried the CHEKT". In reality, Strong Bad has a secret family recipe for cooking The Cheat. See secret recipes.

Transitive Butt Property: A mathematic property devised by Strong Bad. It states that the "stupidity" of somebody's butt is greater than or equal to the "stupidity" of that person's head. See butt IQ.



VOIP! : sound made when Visor Robot zaps So and So in Issue 1 of Teen Girl Squad


wave o' babies: A wave of babies that occurs in Teen Girl Squad when What's Her Face refuses to climb into the lion's mouth.

Witches' Brew: Something Homestar Runner likes to say.

Wight: Homestar Runner's mispronunciation of the word 'right'.

Wrestleman: A term sometimes used to describe Strong Bad.

w00t: Pronounced like it looks, it is an exclamation of joy, this is used sometimes in Teen Girl Squad.


Xty (Also known as X-T, XT, Exty, X0): Used in year names referring to Stinkoman, such as 20X6. It is read as a number would be read. In the Tens place, it is said "Exty" (like Twenty). If it were in the Ones place, it would simply be said "Ex". Also heard in the Strong Bad Email time capsule, and other places around the site.


Yon Castle: The name of King of Town's Castle, where he and his servants live.


Zee: The Z on Coach Z's medallion.

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