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This article is about the terms regarding the Homestar Runner body of work. For the terms regarding the wiki, see HRWiki:Glossary.
Everything from ab-abber to zawesome

The Homestar Runner body of work uses many confusing terms that someone new to the series might not understand. Here is a compilation of such words to be used as a reference.

If a word is linked (in blue), click on the link to find out more information about the topic.

Note: Most of these are not real words and exist only in the H*R universe.


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20X6 (n.): Pronounced twenty-exty-six, this is possibly the eventual future of Free Country, USA. It's the time period that Stinkoman and company live in. 20X6 is also The Brothers Chaps' way of parodying the Megaman series, which takes place during the year 20XX, as well as anime in general.

404'd! (v.): A message that pops up when one types a address that doesn't exist into one's browser. See -'d.


ab-abber (prop. n.): A product invented by Strong Bad which lets you create abs like the professionals in "minutes — nay, seconds!" Consists of one permanent marker (permanent market not included).

Adobe Flash (prop. n.): The software formerly known as "Macromedia Flash" that the The Brothers Chaps use to make the Homestar Runner cartoons.

all up ons (adj. phrase): Into, interested in, or attracted to. Example, "The ladies are 'all up ons.'"

anonny (n.; pl. annonies): "Anonymous." Example: "Hey, Anonny! Why don't ya, um, write a poem or something and not attribute it to yourself!" First used in rock opera. See also: HRWiki:Glossary.

ARROWED! (v.): Causing injury, usually to any member of the Teen Girl Squad, in which Arrow'd Guy spits arrows out of his mouth at The Ugly One. It also happens to Trogdor in the TROGDOR! game. You also get ARROWED in Peasant's Quest if you walk in front of the archer in the hidden glen, and the Kerrek gets ARROWED when you shoot him. (See also: SWORDED!).

awexome (adj.): Similar to awesome, but even more so. See Awexome Cross.


BALEETED! (v.): Another way to say "deleted". From 50 emails, in which Homestar has trouble recollecting the word "deleted".

Bennedetto, Frank (prop. n.): The Presto Air Popper (popcorn popper) who serves in the Homestarmy.

boat take, (n.): As seen in email environment, Strong Bad includes this term in his list of ways to say "butt" that is "Okay for Mom". He repeats it throughout the email.

boodroscotch (n.) : a sweet, boodro-based sauce that that doubles as a kudrow-based adhesive.

Brothers Strong (prop. n.): Brothers Strong Bad, Strong Mad and Strong Sad, collectively.

burninate (v.): Trogdor's fire breathing ability, as seen in the TROGDOR! video game and elsewhere.

buzzer (n.): The propeller on Homestar's beanie cap.


carp for brains : A variant of crap for brains. "Now spell: Carp for Brains". See also "brain for brains".

CGNU (prop. n.): Crazy Go Nuts University. A school that Strong Bad created. Visually pronounced "see gee in you".

challenge (n.): A favorite word (and pastime) of Stinkoman.

cheatcakes (n.): Small cakes made of steam and sugar by The Cheat as a substitute for Grumblecakes in the email stupid stuff.

The Chekt (prop. n.): An animal invented by Strong Bad. Strong Bad's poopaw supposedly has a recipe for "Chicken-fried the CHEKT". In reality, Strong Bad has a secret family recipe for cooking The Cheat. See secret recipes.

chonk (v.): a synonym for "hate" that Marzipan uses in Homestar Ruiner.

Coach Zed (prop. n.): The Canadian pronunciation of Coach Z as seen in do over.

combolations (n.): Senor Cardgage's way of saying "Congratulations." See flashback (Easter egg) and japanese cartoon.

congraturation (n.): A misspelling of "Congratulations" that is shown in a video game when the end boss has been beaten, or a food looking similar to a muffin. See Videro Games.

crap (interjection): Strong Bad's favorite exclamation. Other forms of the word include "Crap for Brains", "Crap for Crap", etc. See also "Holy Crap".

Crap for Brains (n.): A favorite insult of Strong Bad's. A combination of the crap and x for brains running gags. See also "carp for brains".



Dag, yo (interjection): The equivalent of saying "Dang, man" or something close to that. Used in comic/Teen Girl Squad Issue 1 by What's Her Face.

Decemberween (prop. n.): A holiday celebrated like Christmas. Gifts are exchanged and it is on the 25th of December. In Homestar Presents: Presents Bubs sells Homestar last-minute discount gifts.

DELETED!!! (adj.): Strong Bad's preferred method of dealing with emails unworthy of his attention, or ones he wishes to make examples of.

DELORTED!!! (adj.): Coach Z's Pronunciation of 'DELETED!!!'. Seen in replacement. Screen turns dark gold, as opposed to the usual blue.

Dennis (prop. n.): In Thy Dungeonman, "Dennis" is first an "obvious exit" from the initial room, in addition to North and South. If you choose it, the game shifts to talking about Dennis as a character in a "sporty frock coat and a long jimberjam."

Denny's Menu (n.): This is the title of the Strong Bad Email menu page, where Strong Bad (occasionally accompanied by another character) does his scroll button songs. The title is a play on the kind of restaurant menu you would find at Denny's.

doodle memory (n.): First coined in the email highschool, this is known as Strong Bad's poor, unphotographic memory. Oftentimes, the content of any of Strong Bad's reminiscences is considered debatable because of this (see History according to Strong Bad).

doppy (adj.): According to TV Time Magazine, Homestar and Company eat pie and get doppy. The term is never fully explained, although it may be a misspelling of "dopey". Also, it is unclear whether "getting doppy" is a result of eating pie or a separate activity. See TV Time Toons Menu.

dribble-drabble (v.) : the act of making frozen cheescake appear delicious by scribbling raspberry sauce over it.

dumb animal characters (n.): The term used as an inside joke by The Brothers Chaps in various interviews, etc., to describe the main characters.

Dumples (prop. n.): The name of Crazy Go Nuts University's sports teams. The CGNU mascot is The Jolly Dumple.


Easter egg (n.): A hidden feature in a website (they also appear elsewhere, such as DVDs and games). Authors put them in as inside jokes, or to reward especially dedicated visitors/viewers/players (or just the ones with the most spare time). Most Strong Bad Emails have at least one Easter egg, as do other parts of the site.

Entrangled (adj.): Strong Bad's word for being hypnotized/entranced. A combination of entranced/entangled. Seen in what I want.

Engsmsplode Like explode, but even better. "The combo snake eng... sm... sploded out of nowere!"


fangoriously (adv.): A way to describe being devoured and subsequently digested, often by a gelatinous monster or by something with fangs, first seen in kids' book.

Fhqwhgads (prop. n.): A shortened version of the name of the fan who sent the email i love you. It was later used in the #1 summer jam Everybody to the Limit.

Fluffy Puff Marshmallows (prop. n.): A popular brand of marshmallow in the Homestar Runner universe.

Free Country, USA (prop. n.): The town in which the Homestar Runner universe is centered.


gelatinous (adj.): A word, meaning to have a jelly-like consistency, that kids will learn reading Strong Bad's children's book, along with fangoriously and linebacker.

GEWD (adj.): Exceptionally good. Was spelled out by Strong Bad to describe Suudsu in bedtime story.

good prize (n.): An award for high-quality work. See Pumpkin Carve-nival.

grodalated (adj.): Grungy; dirty. First used to describe The Denzel in bedtime story.

Graw Mad (prop. n.): A nickname for Strong Mad. Used by Strong Bad in the facts and various toons onward.

Gron Sad (prop n.): A nickname for Strong Sad. Used by Strong Bad in car.

grood (adj.): A term meaning both great and good. Used by Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4.

Grumblecakes (n.): A snack food made from steam and sugar, desired by Strong Bad and Homestar in stupid stuff. In an easter egg from that email, an advertisement for The Cheatcakes claims, "Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes. Those people go to prison."

Gutterances (n.) : low growly noises made to express utter disdain at another person's very existence. A portmanteau of guttural and utterances.


H*R, also HSR (abbrev; n.): Homestar Runner, often used to refer to the body of work as well.

holy crap (interjection): A common term used by Strong Bad. It is usually said when Strong Bad is angry, annoyed, upset, or surprised.

Homestar Runner universe: The fictional realm in which Homestar Runner and the rest of the characters live.

Da Huuuuuudge (prop. n.): A yellow translucent blob-like creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal. See "Made-Up Strong Bad Animals."

hwimswelf (n.) : The Cheat's carpet & couch and satin sheets ruining owndangself.



jibblies (n.): What Strong Bad got when he thought about giving The Poopsmith a bath in your friends. The jibblies are fairly equivalent to "the creeps" (e.g. the thought of getting a root canal gives me the creeps; that moldy hamster gives me the jibblies). The Horrible Painting in Strong Mad's Closet also gives Strong Bad the jibblies after saying "Come on in here!" in a creepy voice, which was seen in bottom 10, and Jibblies 2.

jillion (n.): A very large imaginary number. EX:and like a jillion dollars

jimmies (n.): What The Ugly One received on the surface of her yogurt from TCYBCBY. They consist of small particles of chocolate or flavored candy sprinkled on ice cream as a topping. A more common name for them is "sprinkles".

jorb (n.): How Coach Z used to pronounce job. Other versions include adding syllables to the same word, drawing it out. See A Jorb Well Done.

jumbo/LARGE (adj.): A maxymoron used to describe the size of something.

Jorjyfruits, Jerjyfrorts, Georgie Frorgie, George Foreman: (n.) Coach Z's atempts to pronounce "Jujyfruits" in The House That Gave Sucky Treats.


keep on tranglin' (idiom): See "tranglin'".

Kerrek (prop. n.): A big smelly troll that likes to pound things, such as peasants. See Peasant's Quest.


LTWFTW (abbrev.): Long Time Watcher, First Time Writer. Said of a fan in stunt double.


mans (n.): The term used to denote how many lives/chances you have remaining in games where such is applicable.

mash (v.): to press a button, as in "mash go" or "mash play".

maxymoron (n.): A portmanteau of the words "maximum" and "oxymoron". Used by Strong Bad to refer to the inside joke "jumbo/LARGE" in road trip.

melonade (n.): A drink that Homestar consumes in large quantities. Presumably made from melons.

meh (interjection): An expression commonly used by The Cheat.


nudule (noun): Presumably a variant of nodule, found on Space Whales. from work


overling (noun): A person of a higher rank than oneself. Superior to an underling. Used in the chair.


PBTC (abbrev; n.; adj.): Powered by The Cheat.

peasant (n.): In order to be classified as a peasant in Peasant's Quest, you must stink like a peasant, dress like a peasant (that is, wear a robe), and be on fire like a peasant.

pfargtl (n.) (puh-FARG-tuhl): A word created by Coach Z in Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene. It is supposedly the name of his favorite animal that he had as a pet when he was younger. It is also used as a swear by Homestar.

piemonade (n.): A beverage that appears to be lemonade with a slice of pie in it. Around the office, it's known as p-nade. Seen in other days.

poopaw (n.): Some sort of relative of Strong Bad's. No one is quite sure what a poopaw is. Referred to in secret recipes, he is the keeper of the secret recipe for "Chicken-fried the CHEKT".

preeeeow (interjection; n.): An onomatopoeia used to describe The Paper's sound effect.

pretendicitis A disease involving the made up organ "pretendix". Its symptoms include: high fevers, uncontrollable shaking, and inability to understand language.

pretendix A organ made up by Strong Sad in Strong Badia the Free, probably similar to the appendix.

pretendous (adj.): "Outrageous". Possibly formed by a blend of "pretend" and "tremendous" or a mispronunciation of the word "pretentious". Used thus far in regard to things like money and bills. See extra plug and Fan Costume Commentary.

prinicpal (n.): Strong Bad's job at both Crazy Go Nuts University and at Tompkins's school.

probalo (n.): "Problem". Usually used by Senor Cardgage in the phrase "no probalo", which is a mangling of "no problemo", which itself is pseudo-Spanish for "no problem". See Senor Mortgage.

prooty (adj.): A mispronunciation of "pretty". EX: "You're looking prooty hot." See Female Lappy 486.



Red Steckled Elbermung (prop. n.): A creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal. See "Made-Up Strong Bad Animals."


sammich (n.): Sandwich; Weclome Back, The Baloneyman

sawesome (adj.) : not unlike having the qualities of an awesome sauce SBLOUNSKCHED! (prop. n.; v.): (from email candy product), a candy bar consisting of such products as marshmallow vapor, rich creamy pepperoni, and tiny bowls of crispy-puffed-rice cereal. Its name is described as 50% Strong Bad, 50% tooth rot, and 50% ta-dah!, making it 150%. This is a parody of extreme marketing, which makes nauseatingly gratuitous use of exclamation points and dangerous-sounding names.

Sibbie (prop. n.): Someone who asked Strong Bad to write a song about him/her after he made one about fhqwhgads. Strong Bad refused, but somehow he made two songs: "Song About Sibbie" and "I Freakin' Hate Sibbie". See sibbie.

skillet-nap (n.): A state of unconsciousness following a hit to the face with a skillet. Homestar seems to enjoy them, as seen in Bug In Mouth Disease.

smunderling (n.): A smelly underling.

someteen (adj.): An unspecified number; used by Strong Bad in Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 and strong badathlon.

soolnds (n.): The term Strong Sad coined for his distinct feet, and also what he wants others to call them (instead of "elephant feet"), as seen in his blog.

SOOO GOOD! (interjection): Usually at the beginning of an issue of Teen Girl Squad, the girls will allude to looking "Sooooooooo Good!" Also said when Strong Mad was eating pasta salad from his underdrawer drawer.

SWORDED! (v.): This is what happens to Trogdor in the Trogdor game when he touches a knight.

Sterrance (prop. n.): A creature that Strong Bad imagined for himself to be in animal.

stnank (n.): A made-up animal seen in the Sketchbook for December 2, 2004. Also, the equivalent of a Strong Bad induced mistake, as seen in email do over.

stummy (n.): What Stinkoman calls his stomach, as seen in Stinkoman 20X6.

suudsu (n.): (From email bedtime story), a beverage consisting of skim milk and gummy bears which Strong Bad deems "pure genius". Along with a "grodalated" security "item" and a manic lullaby, it aids in helping The Cheat fall asleep. Its name is written like a mock-Romanji spelling of an English-to-Japanese loanword (this one being suds), common for modern products.


TGS (abbrev; n.): Teen Girl Squad.

tranglin': (intr. v.): To carry on in a stable yet easygoing manner; (idiom) "keep on tranglin" (like "keep on trucking"). Used by Strong Bad in lunch special.

Transitive Butt Property (n.): A mathematic property devised by Strong Bad. It states that the "stupidity" of somebody's butt is greater than or equal to the "stupidity" of that person's head. See butt IQ.

twees (abbrev; n.): "Buttweesimo" (meaning simply "butt"), used in lady fan and Homestar Ruiner.


underling (n.): A person of lower rank than oneself. Inferior to an overling. Used in the chair and underlings.


videro (n.): a misspelling of "video" that appears in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, in the bonus Strong Bad Email Videro Games, in Coach Z's 110%, and in Fish Eye Lens. In addition, the first frame of the song Experimental Film is labeled "viderostart" internally. Bubs and Homestar Runner sometimes say "videro game" in the game 8 Bit Is Enough.


whatsit (n.): Whatever it is that The Poopsmith shovels.

whoozit (n.): Euphemism for puke, upchuck. Used in Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque.

wing-a-ling (adj.): Having wings. Routinely used by Strong Bad in place of winged. See dragon, pop-up.

witches' brew (n.): Something Homestar Runner likes to say. Seen as an object in Halloween Fairstival.

wight (adj): Homestar Runner's mispronunciation of the word 'right'.

wood-daver (n.): an art and craft, invented by Strong Sad in caffeine, made of pine cones and peanut butter.

wrestleman (n.): A term sometimes used to describe Strong Bad.

w00t (interjection): Pronounced like it looks, it is an exclamation of joy, this is used sometimes in Teen Girl Squad.


X (Also known as Xty, X-T, XT, Exty, X0) (n.): Used in year names referring to Stinkoman, such as 20X6. It is read as a number would be read. In the Tens place, it is said "Exty" (like Twenty). If it were in the Ones place, it would simply be said "Ex". Also heard in the Strong Bad Email time capsule, and other places around the site.



Zawesome (adj) — see crap-for-brains.

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