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Teeg Dougland in the flesh! (In the sock cap!)

Michael Chapman (born September 20, 1973) is the older of The Brothers Chaps. He and his brother Matt are the co-creators of the Homestar Runner body of work. He is also husband to Missy Palmer (the voice of Marzipan; married February 28, 2004) and father to the Very, Very Little Girl. He provides intentionally poor imitations of Matt's character voices in the Powered by The Cheat cartoons. He is also the voice of Pom Pom (or rather, his milk is), Mr. Bland, Shark-Tooth Bubs, the Blue Laser Babies, The Knight and Teeg Dougland (and looks remarkably similar to Teeg) from Limozeen: "but they're in space!" (more...)

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