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"This party's gonna be crazy-go-nuts!"

In The Luau, released in the spring of 2001, Marzipan hosts a meatless luau, with the main food to be served being tofu. However, Homestar Runner informs her that no one will come to her luau; most of the others are going to another party which just conveniently falls on the exact same day as her luau: a marshmallow roast Strong Bad is hosting mainly to compete with her luau. Only Homestar and Strong Sad attend the luau, and Homestar eventually leaves to Strong Bad's roast out of boredom. However, Strong Bad's party is greatly marred by his lack of adequate planning, and things for him fall apart quickly. A Luau Main Page was created in reference to this toon, and appears after the toon ends. (more...) watch

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