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(as far as I can tell, that's the only manner in which they were added to the website)
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This guy reads an email

Hremails (a contraction of "Homestar Runner Emails") are installments of an email show by Homestar Runner, similar in nature to Strong Bad Email (with which it frequently overlaps). Homestar was first seen checking emails on the Happy 8600, a laptop based on the XO-1 computer. The first time a Hremail was officially seen was in the 200th Strong Bad Email, email thunder, in which Strong Bad does not take at all kindly to the program's existence. Some of the emails mentioned (numbers 24 and 49) were released as secret pages. They also were featured as Easter eggs on the sixth disc of Strong Bad Emails as part of the DVD release of "email thunder". Then, early in 2009, they became full features on the website, starting with Hremail 62 and then Hremail 2000. However, the format here is a bit different than in "email thunder". (more...)

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