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("Lies. All lies.")
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"On Saturday, I certainly DON'T wake up at six AM, put on a Speedo, and go to swim practice. Nope, definitely not Speedo."

Several Homestar Runner characters, especially Strong Bad, have been known to lie blatantly to one another or to the audience, often in an attempt to persuade others of the veracity of a situation, when in fact the opposite is extremely obvious. Sometimes the contradiction isn't immediately blatant, but always later on is revealed to be an obvious, deliberate lie. Sometimes the lie is blatant because it is admitted or proved to be a lie, other times because it is impossible the liar is telling the truth, and still other times the lie is so poorly constructed that one can't help but know it's a lie. Generally, blatant lies are most frequently used to cover up some embarrassing fact about the liar, or (especially in Strong Bad's case) to make the liar seem better. Whatever the reason, blatant lies are the frequent lies that are, quite clearly, the worst and most ineffective practices of deceit in the Homestar Runner universe. (more...)

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