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Thrills! Chills! Syrup!

Awexome Cross is a game of speed and skill, first released on February 4, 2003. Playing as The Cheat, you must ride the Tire through an obstacle course in Strong Badia. It is based on the event Awexome Cross '98 that appeared in the Strong Bad Email monster truck. You can collect "much buxx" to score points and power-ups and downs to speed up or slow down your tire. Among the obstacles are cinder blocks, General Tso's Chicken and cardboard boxes covered in syrup and butter. Hitting these obstacles causes you to lose a life. At the end of each level, you launch off the Stop Sign, and then add up your points with Strong Mad. You also get a trophy and an extra life at the end of each level. There are a total of seven levels. (more...) play

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