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Call me Ishmael.

Main Page 3 is a Main Page that takes place on a beach, with Homestar Runner wearing a tourist's shirt. The button effects include: a boat coming by and sounding its horn, an appearance of a whale that resembles Moby-Dick, a monkey throwing two coconuts, first into the sea and then at Homestar, Homestar wearing shades, and a plane coming by towing a banner that reads "Wear a Bikini". In the Strong Bad Email island, the boat, whale, and plane appear as Homestar says his usual Main Page sayings (due to the island bearing a striking resemblence to the beach this Main Page takes place on), and "Wear a Bikini" also appears in two later Main Pages, is referenced in the Homestar Quiz, and is alluded to in looking old and Baddest of the Bands. view (more...)

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