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This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page and discuss them on the selections page.  

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Week 9, 2009

"Stiny! Get me a Danish!"

Strong Badman is Strong Bad's comic book-style alter ego, originating in the email superhero name. He appears in the comic book series, The Total Adventures of Strong Badman. The fact that he is more muscular than his creator is another use of Strong Bad exaggerating himself. His sidekick "Li'l Stiny" is forever fetching things for him, primarily Danishes. Stiny was first introduced at least in name in superhero name, where Strong Bad receives an email signed Stiny. In the series, Strong Badman faces many different characters, such as Deutschman, Grossman, Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man and a monster version of The Cheat. In alternate universe, he is revealed to not be such a criminal mastermind after all, as his "evil plans" include stealing cable and wasting water. He also does not have a secret underground lair filled with secret underground gadgets, but a rent-controlled apartment. There are at least 87 issues of The Total Adventures of Strong Badman, of which only nine have been seen. (more...)

Week 8, 2009

Your obvious exits are...

Dennis is a name frequently used, especially in Thy Dungeonman. Dennis is sometimes used as one of the "obvious exits" in the Thy Dungeonman games, its opposite being "Not Dennis". In the first game, he wears a sporty frock coat and a long "jimberjam", and enjoys pacing nervously. Thy Dungeonman thinks Dennis is boring to have a conversation with. To win the first game, you must give Dennis a trinket. Then he tells you what parapets are, allowing Thy Dungeonman to leave thy dungeon. In the next game, Dennis has a significantly smaller role as an Easter egg. Dennis was later seen in web comics in the "The Animated Adventures of Thy Dungeonman" portion of "Saturday Mornideo Games" as a cartoon form of the word "Dennis" chasing "Ye Flask". Beyond "Thy Dungeonman", several other line drops in the Homestar Runner body of work have surfaced from time to time, but it isn't always clear whether or not the Dennis mentioned is referring to the same Dennis in Thy Dungeonman. (more...)

Week 7, 2009

"Whoa-ho, Marzipan! You look like a fox's mother!"

In Date Nite, released on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, Homestar Runner sees Marzipan putting on makeup in preparation for a hot date. Unfortunately, however, Homestar is shocked to learn that this date is not with him, but rather with The Cheat! Needless to say, he is offended to learn that she cheats on him. Marzipan retaliates by saying that her relationship has always been an open one, but Homestar is still mad at her. Likewise, Strong Bad is mad at The Cheat for his going on the date with Marzipan. As Marzipan and The Cheat go on the date together, they both leave Homestar and Strong Bad devastated. So they try repeatedly to ruin Marzipan and The Cheat's date, which goes to Marshmallow's L'est Stand and then to the stone bridge, but to no avail. (more...) watch

Week 6, 2009

Homestar is all prancy now

Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True is an unfinished toon made around 2001 and makes use of The Brothers Chaps' old drawing style (circa The Luau). Although unfinished, it is available on the first disc of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs as an Easter egg. In the toon, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner are racing each other in The King of Town's 100 Mile Superthon, with Homestar in the lead. But just as he gets in sight of the finish line at The King of Town's Castle, a lurking The Cheat knocks Homestar out, leaving Strong Bad to win the race. But to his consternation, no one cares about Strong Bad winning; they are more concerned about Homestar's safety. He comes to, but in a way that is clearly unexpected. (more...)

Week 5, 2009

"This is the best game I've never played!"

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (or SBCG4AP) is an episodic series of games by Telltale Games for the PC and WiiWare platforms. It was announced by a press release on April 10, 2008, followed shortly by an advertisement on and a trailer and screenshots on the Telltale Games website. The game was produced in collaboration with The Brothers Chaps and Videlectrix. The 3-D animation in the game was rendered by Telltale's animators with attention to preservation of the look and feel of the 2-D Flash. This game is divided into five episodes, released in intervals of one month, the first episode being released on August 11, 2008. Using a point-and-click interface, players have Strong Bad talk to various characters using an icon system or highlight objects to interact with. In addition to the main plot, the player can participate in numerous side quests, which will raise the player's "Awesomeness Meter". Once an episode is finished, an "extended play" mode is unlocked, allowing players to explore the environment further. (more...)

Week 4, 2009

The former Club Trancefudge

Club Technochocolate is a dance club where various residents of Free Country, USA hang out from time to time. The club has matte gray walls, a lighted floor, and various spotlights, and dance music is usually played there. The Cheat plays the role of DJ here, under the pseudonym "DJ Teh Cheat", with the help of his DJ equipment. He played and remixed different songs here, including an indie-tronic remix, "The Geddup Noise". As seen in nightlife, the club has its own bar, where Bubs acts as barman. The shelves are lined with various colored bottles and no chairs or stools appear to be present. Some drinks are served in an eyedropper and cost $17.50 each. The club name originated in the email monument. Strong Bad first visited this club in the email extra plug to show off his 'Lectric Boots, which ended up blowing the circuit breaker. (more...)

Week 3, 2009

Population: Tire

The Tire forms the complete population of Strong Badia, and was the "indigenous peoples" before the land was colonized by Strong Bad. Due to its status as the entire population of Strong Badia, it has earned a place on the country's flag and anthem, and even stars in two games. Strong Bad has a strong affinity for the Tire and feels a need to protect it, to the point where he installed a security system around it. To date, the system (which is composed of a touch-activated electrical charge and the Bear holding a Shark) has kept The Cheat from touching the Tire. It has also been utilized for purely commercial ends. It was employed as a weatherman on Strong Badia's local newscast, and it played Ted Averill, the SBASAF's ground flight engineer. (more...)

Week 2, 2009

"Happy Trogday, Troggie!"

In Happy Trogday, released on Friday, January 13, 2006, it is Trogdor's third birthday, and Strong Bad celebrates the occasion with a kick-awesome montage of fanstuff involving the dragon, from pancakes to Microsoft Paint drawings to vanity plates, all to the heavy metal rendition of the Trogdor theme song from Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, albeit shortened to match the form of the original song, as heard in the email of origin. Then, after the montage ends, the action then shifts abruptly to Planet K, where Stinkoman complains that his birthday was last week, but no one celebrated it. An unexpected visitor changes that, though. (more...) watch

Week 1, 2009

"Well, I thought that this much gelatin would sorta naturally attract oiled-up bikini wrestlers."

In winter pool, the 187th Strong Bad Email, released on Monday, January 21, 2008, J.Hazard, IN, asks Strong Bad what he does with the pool during the winter. After lying about how they once used the pool, he says that this year, they will do something with it that is "way cooler and less pretend", using Homestar Runner's payment for doing the Fluffy Puff commercials: namely, a lifetime supply of gelatinous Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance. Strong Bad and some of the other Homestar characters fill the pool with the substance, turning it into a huge gelatinous vat, and they proceed to have fun with it, but the results are disastrous. This email introduces not only Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance to the website, but also its mascot, a gelatin version of Marshie. (more...) watch

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