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It has been suggested that the Main Page be redesigned. Feel free to use this page for proposed redesigns.


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Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter and Instagram accounts:

Bucket fulla Dangeresque

6 Jan 2018: In honor of Stinkoman's 15th birthday today, Videlectrix has decided to throw down the 8-bit gauntlet (to themselves I guess?)! view

5 Jan 2018: I take it all back!! I shoulda drawn THIS draccus! The chubcus! You could climb up his belly rolls like a ladder! view

3 Jan 2018: Cool to see the FHQ mention in @xkcdComic but count me out! You guys know what that airport is like... view

28 Dec 2017: Hmm. I can't tell which one is great. Dictionary peeps referencing Trogdor vs. fast food peeps referencing the obscure sbemail 'what i want.' YOU decide! view

27 Dec 2017: The 27th is DecemberZEEN! Download this rare club show from '08 in way-more-than-decent quality audio! (YT video to follow!) view

25 Dec 2017: In the Dangeresque universe, Dangeresque Too always gets Dangeresque "Deadly Impact" each Decemberween. view

23 Dec 2017: Um, 'substitue' is the French Canadian spelling! Pronounced (sub-stih-TWAY). Yeah! To go with the theme, see?! NOT a misspelling! view

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Beginning in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0, Strong Bad has repeatedly prank-called Marzipan and tried to deceive her by pretending to be (and referencing) various fake personae. Although many of his pranks involve impersonating known characters, these aliases represent unknown persons whose very names betray the deception — especially those with the telltale "-body" ending. In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 10.2, Strong Bad tried to pass along his craft to Homestar Runner, with pathetic results. Homestar and Marzipan have also used a few ridiculous aliases of their own. Although the callers sometimes slip up and unintentionally reveal their true identities, in most cases they attempt to maintain the charade of the alias. (more)...

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