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It has been suggested that the Main Page be redesigned. Feel free to use this page for proposed redesigns.


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Pom Pom's sweet house and yacht
Poof! Paff! Puff!

15 Mar 2018: I never knew how badly we all need to get fez'd! Also brother Graw Mad needs to grow a stache at once! Also how come no Marshie? Don't you want it to look like he's sitting up there marshalitizing your brains?! view

15 Mar 2018: Entire dang! Check out Pom Pom's sweet house and yacht! #mariopaintthursdays view

12 Mar 2018: Dear @internetarchive,
You love preserving outdated webstuff. I AM outdated webstuff. How do we make a stable, secure, in-browser flash player emulator that can preserve all our favorite un-skippable website intros from the early aughts. Also all my sbemails. -Strong Bad view

11 Mar 2018: The pros can keep their squash n' stretch. The Cheat's got sblounch n' stnank! view

10 Mar 2018: Gripping gameplay from Homestart to Homefinish! view

8 Mar 2018: I'm channeling some Manhunter: New York pretty hard with this flaming peasant. #mariopaintthursdays view

1 Mar 2018: Not exactly #mariopaintthursdays but check out this Powered by The Cheat WarioWare! You can do it! You will do it... view

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A game fit for a peasant!
Peasant's Quest is a text-based game made by Videlectrix, set a real long time ago, in the peasant kingdom of Peasantry. The player assumes the role of Rather Dashing, a peasant wearing short pants, who returns from his vacation to find his thatched-roof cottage BURNINATED! Rather Dashing then embarks on a journey to get revenge on Trogdor once and for all. Videlectrix programmers have actually been hard at work bringing lush 16-color landscapes to life, and providing state-of-the-art text commands and interface. "Can one peasant wearing short pants save the country-side from certain Burnination? YOU DECIDE!"

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