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[edit] Dixie's Last Stand

In this toon, Homestar Runner has a hint of a southern accent. TBC are from Georgia.

From: Marshmallow's Last Stand
Posted on: 05:01, 2 October 2006 (UTC)

Note that only the bold part of the above fact is being being voted upon.
The first line is included for context.

Arguments for:

  • TBC may have purposefully given Old-Timey Homestar a Southern accent as a nod to Regular-Time Homestar's original voice (in MLS), which at times had a slight drawl.

Arguments against:

  • It is questionable whether TBC intentionally gave Homestar a Southern accent in Marshmallow's Last Stand. The accent is only pronounced on a few lines (the only one I really hear it on is "Now how about my star back, Strong Bad?"). If this accent was unconscious, then it is almost certain that Old-Timey Homestar's accent is unrelated.
  • TBC aren't from Georgia. They're Hoosiers.
    • And for this reason, I really think the entire fact should be elimiated, not just the second part.

Additional comments:

  • This fact is being STUFFed because it's been in the article for a long time.
  • If I've misrepresented the "arguments for", please correct them.
  • Re: the second arg against: Yes, but now they live in Georgia.
    • They even went to school in Atlanta, so they moved down there early enough for us to say that they are from the South.
      • A few comments about this issue:
        • I don't think it matters how long TBC were in Indiana before they moved to Georgia. I know several Indianans who have a recognizable Southern accent. Actually, I would say that in the Midwest, the accent is often present in rural areas but absent in urban areas; I've heard the same is often true in the South, where Southerners in large cities do not have a strong accent. So, they could have picked up a Southern accent in either Indiana in Georgia (though Atlanta is a large city).
        • However, they didn't pick up a Southern accent in either place; if you listen to their voices, you don't hear one.
        • The "they live in Georgia" statement doesn't really say too much. It doesn't claim what the connection is between that fact and HR's accent. For this reason, I think it's more irrelevant as currently worded than false in some way.
        • Note that there is barely a hint of a Southern accent in Homestar Runner's voice in MLS. I only hear it on one line, mentioned above.
        • Should we keep the first line? I think it's fine to stay, but I might remove the bit about Georgia. At this point, though, we should probably close this fact and address that part in a separate STUFF, for minimal confusion's sake.

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