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Edgar from the future

In the email candy product, we learn Strong Bad's Lappy has Edgar's Baby's Daddy installed for the express purpose of filtering Homestar's emails. If he also had this program on the Compy, it could explain why Strong Bad didn't receive his invitation.

From: labor day
Posted on: 17:06, 5 April 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • An ingenius, notable explanation, and technically possible.
  • Strong Bad did have some Edgarware on his old Compy.

Arguments against:

  • A bit speculative.
  • It is highly unlikely TBC intended to tie these emails together this way.
  • This is cute, but it's too much retroactive continuity to be plausible.
    • In other words, the reason why this isn't a very good Fun Fact is because Edgar's Baby's Daddy didn't exist when labor day was released. TBC hadn't even thought of Edgar!
  • The reason he didn't get his invitation was because he took off once he realized it was Labor Day.
    • For that matter, although Strong Sad guessed it got "da-leet-ed", we don't even know if it was emailed or mailed.

Additional comments:

  • Strong Bad did once receive an email from Homestar (credit card), though this was on the Tandy.
    • Though Strong Bad wanted his credit card info, he'd let that through. But it's moot - whether he had it on the Tandy is irrelevent.
  • Though it's not likely the connection is an intentional reference, that's not always a requirement for accepting a Fun Fact. The fact in question is whether in the H*R universe this is plausible.
  • This should go on the article talk page, not the article itself.

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Proposed revision:

In the email candy product, we learn that Strong Bad filters Homestar's emails. This could explain why Strong Bad didn't receive his invitation.

Arguments for:

  • Assuming a particular piece of software is on one computer just because it is on another is a bit of a stretch. Assuming that Strong Bad has never wanted to get email from Homestar (with the one exception), is not.

Arguments against:

  • It's still a retcon
  • We've got a problem. In credit card he successfully gets an email from Homestar. That means he hasn't always been filtering them. Although the current hypothesis is theoretically possible, it's too big an assumption to suppose he had started filtering that long before we saw any evidence of it.
    • Also, though it was a different computer, it was very heavily implied that Strong Bad also got an email from Homestar in Biz Cas Fri 3, which took place after this email.

Additional comments:

  • Maybe it's just me, but perhaps a link to what invitation it's referring to would be useful. My initial thought of this was "what invitation?" If it's from another toon, there should be a link to that toon, like "receive his invitation in <insert toon here>."
    • It's in the labor day, the very email this fun fact is going to go in (if it gets accepted)...
      HOMESTAR RUNNER: Has anyone seen Strong Bad? I sent him an invitation.
      STRONG SAD: Maybe it got "da-leet-ed".
    • What made Strong Sad's joke funny is that it was presented as contrary to fact, perhaps even because Homestar sent out physical invitations through the mail. If it was likely that Strong Bad really did delete an email from Homestar, then why would they all laugh so hard?
      • Well, how often does Strong Sad say anything amusing, and how many times do we see the gang react to someone getting the better of Strong Bad? Trying to psychoanalyze the characters to see why they laughed is futile: they laughed, presumably, because it was funny. Exactly why they laughed is unknowable, so presuming the angle of the humor isn't going to yield any help here.
  • So, the key distinction between this revision and the version above is that it doesn't suggest that Edgar's Baby's Daddy is the one doing the filtering? Even without that, it still seems like a stretch.
  • Actually, although I realize it's never explicitly stated by the 'toon itself, I always got the impression that Strong Sad deleted the invitation (which puts his "Deleted" comment in a whole new light.)

Votes to accept: Votes to decline:
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