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Below are some common issues and resolutions when working with the STUFF process. If your problem is not covered below, please post it on the talk page.

Problem Possible Cause Solution
When using {{stuffnew}}, {{stuffmore}}, {{stufffact}}, or {{stuffrevise}}, the template does not generate the correct code. In place of the fact or the title, the generated code displays {{{1}}} or {{{2}}}. There is an equal sign (=) somewhere in the fact or title (usually in an external link). Remove the equal sign.
When using the {{stuffnew}} or {{stuffmore}} templates, the fact shows up where the title should be, and vice versa. The order of the fact and the title are incorrect in the template. Switch the order of the fact and the title. The fact should come before the title in the template.
When you edit an individual item (instead of the whole page) and hit preview, the background disappears. There will be a couple of extra characters at the end of the item, and the code for the beginning of the next item may be visible. These things are all normal. Once you save the page, the background will return and the extra characters will be hidden.
When you vote on and save an item, it returns you to the toon's STUFF page (e.g. STUFF:mile) instead of the original STUFF page with all the facts on it. This, too, is normal. The only edits to the actual STUFF page are adding more subpages. Click on the "Back to STUFF index" link to return to the main STUFF page.
When using the {{stuffnew}}, {{stuffmore}} or {{stuffrevisecode}} templates, links that were on the original page disappear. The software is interpreting the wiki markup instead of displaying it as is. Put <nowiki> tags inside the template around the fact itself, like this: {{stuffnew|<nowiki>A fact and a [[link]] within it.</nowiki>|Title}}.

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