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[[Image:Sblounskched_process.PNG|thumb|Just use Image #4.]]
'''Nougat''' is a confection which [[Strong Bad]] describes as "the candy equivalent of veal".
*Email [[stunt double]] — In the newspaper report, the polar bear is said to have come down from the North Pole with rich creamy nougat on its mind.
*Email [[candy product]] — Liquid nougat is one of the main ingredients of a [[SBLOUNSKCHED! bar]].
*Email [[buried]] — In Strong Bad's imagination, one of the layers of earth beneath the surface of [[Strong Badia]] is a nougat layer.
*[[Homestar Ruiner]] — As Strong Bad sneaks his way through the vents in [[The King of Town]]'s [[The King of Town's Castle|castle]], he overhears the King decreeing that Thursday will be renamed Nougatday, and be filled with rich, creamy nougat.
*[[Strong Badia the Free]] — Colonel [[Homestar Runner]]'s codename for Strong Bad is "Nougat Man".
===See Also===
<nowiki>[[Category:Generic food and drinks]]</nowiki>
==Slowed-Down or Sped-Up Dialogue==
*[[Strong Mad]]'s voice was originally provided by slowing down [[Matt Chapman]]'s normal voice.
*[[Intro]] and all subsequent appearances of "Everybody! Everybody!" {{--}} The singers are [[The Brothers Chaps]]' voices sped up.
*[[Super NES]] and [[Theme Song Video]] {{--}} As with "Everybody! Everybody!", the singers are the Brothers Chaps' voices sped up.
*Email [[helium]] {{--}} [[Strong Bad]]'s voice becomes high-pitched after inhaling helium.
*[[Senor Mortgage]] {{--}} Whilst the [[Visor Robot]] malfunctions, its voice speeds up; after it [[Explosions|explodes]], its voice slows down.
*[[Stinkoman 20X6]] {{--}} [[Stinkoman]]'s and [[1-Up]]'s voice clips are sped-up versions of lines from [[japanese cartoon]] and [[20X6 vs. 1936]].
*Email [[bedtime story]] {{--}} Near the end of the email, specifically when Strong Bad says "any second now", the sound slows down.
*Email [[isp]] {{--}} Strong Mad's voice becomes high-pitched after sucking bandwidth through a [[garden hose]].
*Email [[unnatural]] {{--}} [[Strong Sad]] speeds up a recording of [[King Bubsgonzola Supreme]]'s voice, revealing it to be a slowed-down version of [[Bubs]]'s regular voice.
*Email [[mini-golf]] {{--}} Strong Bad's voice slows down when he says "thousand other people have touched" before being transported to [[Sweet Puttin' Cakes]].
*Email [[fan club]] {{--}} Strong Bad's voice slows down when he says "fiction".
<nowiki>{{incomplete list}}</nowiki>
I like the toon [[Where The Crap Are We?]] -Some Weirdo
===See Also===
*[[Reversed Dialogue]]
<blockquote class="tandy email">Dear Strong Bad, how do you access this wiki with boxing gloves on? -Someone Named TurtleBob<br>
>Very carefully.</blockquote>
<blockquote class="compy email">Dear Strong Bad,<br />
How are you so awesome and cool all the time?<br>
-fhqwhgads's brother, skftwkcut</blockquote>
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=HRWiki:Main page redesign/Votes=
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We're doing a redesign and stuff. Vote 'em up, y'all.

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We're doing a redesign and stuff. Vote 'em up, y'all.

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208 Seconds (Rough Estimate)

(The entirety of 160 Seconds, but with "160" in the intro replaced with "208")

4 branches: HOMESTAR: Chinese b-

the chair: STRONG BAD: Class!

what i want: MARZIPAN: Forgettably precious.

looking old: MARZIPAN: Up to your chin right

strong badathlon: STRONG BAD: To the wrong athletes

unnatural: STRONG BAD: Kill him? STRONG SAD: We do-

the movies: HOMESTAR: -tuce. Throw

your funeral: HOMESTAR: Abraham Lincoln

from work: HOMESTAR: -veges. It helps

rough copy: STRONG SAD: -tellectual property.

underlings: STRONG BAD: Get Mrs. Hard-

more armies: HOMESTAR: Saaay

the paper: STRONG BAD: Doesn't quite

mini-golf: STRONG BAD: In this infernal pl-

concert: STRONG BAD: Nope. They're a

hygiene: STRONG BAD: No matter what he does.

original: BUBS: B'zuh!

bike thief: STRONG BAD: Side of this couch

pizza joint: MAN IN PIZZA COSTUME: It burns!

slumber party: STRONG BAD: Can you guys start

web comics: TAKE DAGGER: Hiya

business trip: THE KING OF TOWN: Units? STRONG BAD: What

yes wrestling: HOMESTAR: The power... of

diorama: STRONG BAD: -lupe Hidalgo

nightlife: HOMESTAR RUNNER: More...more

environment: STRONG BAD: -pliant sticker!

winter pool: HOMESTAR: You're such a good

fan club: STRONG BAD: (screams)

pet show: HOMESTAR: Potion. A taste

licensed: (Strong Bad slides) STRONG BAD: What's

buried: BUBS: Is! STRONG SAD: Uh

shapeshifter: COACH Z: Coming to your concession

rated: BUBS: Bake sale!

specially marked: (The Deleted buzzer, and a message reading "SBEMAIL 194 IS NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A 194th SECOND")

love poems: HOMESTAR: Apples!

hiding: STRONG BAD: Coma!

your edge: STRONG BAD: Where'd you check?

magic trick: STRONG BAD: But now, not only does

being mean: HUNGRY SHARK: Makes me wanna

email thunder: (Strong Bad runs out of Homestar's computer room)

hremail3184: COACH Z: Bad! I was gonna

imaginary: LIL' STRONG BAD: -ti! I'd like you to meet

independent: STRONG BAD: Solid gold sc-

dictionary: STRONG BAD: To Z

videography: STRONG BAD: (chuckles)

sbemail206: ANNOUNCER: For all your consummate

too cool: STRONG BAD: Mysteriously with no return

The Next April Fools Thing: STRONG BAD: -low lives, and this

Trapped City, Canada: Wiki Edition

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