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(Restoring page drafts. When I searched the Internet for a recipe for Igenous Pie, all I got were Pony Fights. I have no intention of eating a pony, so I'll have to make up my own.)
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===See Also===
===See Also===
*[[Reversed Dialogue]]
*[[Reversed Dialogue]]
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Just use Image #4.

Nougat is a confection which Strong Bad describes as "the candy equivalent of veal".


  • Email stunt double — In the newspaper report, the polar bear is said to have come down from the North Pole with rich creamy nougat on its mind.
  • Email candy product — Liquid nougat is one of the main ingredients of a SBLOUNSKCHED! bar.
  • Email buried — In Strong Bad's imagination, one of the layers of earth beneath the surface of Strong Badia is a nougat layer.
  • Homestar Ruiner — As Strong Bad sneaks his way through the vents in The King of Town's castle, he overhears the King decreeing that Thursday will be renamed Nougatday, and be filled with rich, creamy nougat.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Colonel Homestar Runner's codename for Strong Bad is "Nougat Man".

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