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| width='33%' | '''Next:'''
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| [[{{sbenav-lookup|104}}]]
| [[{{sbemail|104}}]]
| '''{{sbenav-lookup|105}}'''
| '''{{sbemail|105}}'''
| [[{{sbenav-lookup|106}}]]
| [[{{sbemail|106}}]]

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watch watch

"Please don't dig up the grave."

Strong Bad Email #105
Cast Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Sad, Strong Mad, Bubs, Coach Z, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Homsar
Places Computer Room, The Field, Basement of the Brothers Strong, Marzipan's House, The Stage
Computer Compy 386
Date Monday, June 8, 2004
Length 3:22
Page title Compy 386!!
DVD strongbad_email.exe Disc Four
Menu/YouTube Description
Who will check his emails when Strong Bad retires? Aforementioned Strong Bad tries to find out.
Podstar Runner Description
SB explores the possibility of finding an heir to his email throne.
Strong Bad Email Chronology
Previous:   Next:
theme park replacement dangeresque 3

Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold
watch watch

Old H*R crap

Big Toon #21
Cast Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner (storybook), Pom Pom, Mr. Bland, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad/Strong Glad, The Cheat, Dijjery Doo, The Announcer, The Grape Fairie, The Fat Bee, The Sneak, Coach Z, Bubs, Señor, Marzipan, The Prince of Town
Places The Field, Storybook World, Basement of the Brothers Strong (Easter egg)
Date Saturday, December 24, 2016
Length 7:02
Page title Unearthed and rebirthed!
Menu Description
The second Homestar Runner story written (but never produced) is finally animated for the 20th anniversary of the orginal storybook.
YouTube Description
Homestar and Strong Bad discover a long-lost Homestar Runner story. They read it. That's all.
Big Toon Chronology
Previous:   First:
2 Part Episode: Part 2 Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold The King of Town DVD
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