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that was fun *barf*

I- Told ya you would get sick.

Me- Vomit is an important part of society.

I- You just had to use spell check on "an"

Myself- Guys we got mail.

Me- Really what kind of mail?

Myself- It's from "The Big Corporation Of People That Hate All Kinds Of Fun, But Love Capital Letters" also known as the T.B.C.O.P.T.H.A.K.O.F.B.L.C.L.

Me- Jeez, that has more dots than a 100 in. HD TV

I- That was weird as heck

Me- Maybe you don't like my brain, huh?

I- It's hard to hate empty space.

Me- What does that mean?

I- Means your smart.

Myself- I thought it meant you're dumb.

I- Myself I thought you were smarter than that.

Fun Facts


  • I made this up in 10 minutes or so
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