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Template:Sbenav [[Image: sbemail1.PNG | thumb | era of the beginning]. ] This e-mail was a strong Bart mail that is first displayed on the site. From Strong bad Abudiraru is, before he goes to bed, powerful Bart, San Diego will ask you whether you want take off his mask and boxing gloves, will respond to e-mail from California, . '(In order of appearance) and appearance:' Strong Bad 'Location:' [[Computer Room] Computer: Tandy 400 'date:'! Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001, the <- this, according to the 2011 calendar, is the release date. Please do not change. -> 'Time: 0:45' 'the' 'Page title:' 'Tandy 400'! Template:DVD, Template:DVD



'STRONG BAD the:'? {Song, type "run" is is_email strongbad "'}' 'Oh, Who is it people to check all his e-mail is a powerful such is Baaad is me.

Dear Bart Simpson,
<Please take a br /> You wrestling mask and boxing The off before going to bed gloves?
Carmen SanDiego, The future </ BLOCKQUOTE> 'STRONG BAD the:' Well, it is a stupid question, but Gilbert {clears the screen, typing}. before going to bed, do you rip off your face and hands? And if so, do you have some kind of robot? And if so, do you have the kind of power? For your good, or do you use them for great? Do you want to join the army? I happen just in our minds of the time of the greatest criminals. {Is the type "-strong bad", stop typing} Well, until next time. I mean, answer them ... please me to send your questions, and I will make your enjoyment. {Paper is down. }

Interesting information


  • The "when" he says before going to bed, "Before you become bed," powerful bad type.
  • After entering the powerful bad sentence, typing sound is still playing, but what the character does not appear on the screen.
  • The Space Captainface statue on his desk labled "XspacecaptainfaceXX" from the career cartoon has the blue gemstone on his head missing

Fixed Goofs

  • You can easily find sometimes powerful bad typed "If so, do you have the kind of power?", The words "what" is not displayed.

References inside

"Man, that is: * Strong bad opening line,"? Oh man to check all his e-mail, it is my strong Baaad is, "He won all the contests that are very similar to the line written in A jumping jack contest? It is a powerful Baaad is me. "

See in the real world

  • It can be removed from the phrase, "Our era of the greatest criminal mind" " Superman: Animation," natural enemies ([ [Wikipedia: Gene Hackman | Gene Hackman]] is) in the said phrase, says that of his own.

=== === Fast forward

  • "For Good and great" [] This is a band name that has been proposed in [band name].
  • This e-mail will start in strong on the Bad of the computer, such as a gag in the [] flash back [].
  • Abdi it has been referred to in some of the sbemails later.
  • Short clip of this mail, I will be seen in the accent.
  • Strong Bad is repeated his claim that it is his face with his mask [chair] [], we probably shows it.
  • The Hremail 7, powerful bad and cheat that is said to Abdi to send an e-mail has been suggested.

Washboard is, if it was some kind of robot * In 20X6 versus 1936, Stinkoman refers to the title of this e-mail, to request the home star runner.

DVD version

  • DVD version, we have the Easter Egg. When the powerful bad icon hidden in the lower left corner of the screen of the Tandy 400 is clicked at the end of e-mail, ASCII Art, the rendering of the robot will be displayed.
  • Typing sound effect I was varied.


Commentary Transcript

(: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman 'described in' ) 'MATT:' Hey! This is Mike and Matt! 'Mike:' 'We are doing the first strong Bad mail commentary ever made'! This is some of the little robot '...' 'is called {pause}'. 'With' {} at the same time - test Invisibility: 'the MATT' . {Mike laugh} The 'basic': 'mat'. 'Mike:' 'This is So when we become his mouth to animation, when you can see the powerful bad mouth, of course, came back. 'Mat:' and did not his head and - did not test. 'The MIKE:' 'I did not shake his head sideways'. 'MATT:' the his head that was not waving around violently . I take now, uh, shake his head just around, ... and the foreground head to mouth, we have his HEA - if you put the test, it was thought that would be fast, ' So in some respects': 'the MIKE' how it is long than took to the movement of just his mouth until now. 'Mat:' 'I I think that it is correct'. There was Abudiraru - and testing, this was from before we start doing this, we sent out, whether it was the fan list? 'The microphone:' Yeah, it was like a list. 'Matte:' Yeah, some of us had a mail until now, only 10 people. 'Mike:' 'e-mail was the end almost'! 'Mat:' 'Good grief, "the! 'Mike:' 'Thanks, Abdi "the! 'Mat:' 'Thanks, Abdi "the! === === Fun Facts

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Template:Extlinks Template:Strong Bad mail [[Category: DVD commentary with e-mail]

Template:Sbenav [Photo: sbemail1.PNG | thumb | beginning of an era] This email is strong bad email first appeared on the scene. Powerful wrong answer from an e-mail [Abdi LaRue] from San Diego, California, who asked if the strong bad take off the mask and boxing gloves, he went to bed. 'The actor (in order of appearance):' strong bad 'Place:' [[Computer Room] {{Comparison | Tandy 400} 'Date:' Wednesday, August 22, 2001 <- This is based on the 2011 calendar of release dates. Do not change. -> 'Time:' 0:45 'The page title:' Tandy 400! Template:DVD, Template:DVD == == Transcript 'Strong BAD:' {singing, various kinds of "Run" strongbad is_email "'}" "Oh, that's who checks his e-mail of all people do this is my strong Baaad?.

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