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Tweets from Strong Bad

Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter account: @StrongBadActual

Slicing The Cheat in twain!
"I just kept selecting ALL the filters!"

21 Oct 2017: Hey @englishhistpod when in history did 'burnination' get shortened to 'burn' or 'burning'? And who's responsible? Normans? Saxons? Zaxxon?! view

21 Oct 2017: This is some of the best Tobering of Inks I've seen all month! view

20 Oct 2017: I just kept selecting ALL the filters! #tumenifilters view

16 Oct 2017: Behold! The Trogbuildening! view

12 Oct 2017: Here's a YouTubrious link to yesterday's LiveSkills. Now in non-neck-straining landscape orientation! view

11 Oct 2017: Skills of an Artist LIVE! Now! view

11 Oct 2017: Who wants to witness the trainwreck of a LIVE Skills of an Artist in about an hour (3pm EST)? Tune in and skill out! view

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Homestar Runner throws a Halloween party. They take turns telling a story about a goblin. watch
All the characters come to your house to trick-or-treat! You get to pick one of three treats to give them in an interactive game. watch
Homestar Runner throws a Halloween party where everyone carves pumpkins that get judged! watch
Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat go toilet-papering. Strong Sad and Marzipan try to contact the spirit of Credenza, her dead ficus plant. watch
The Cheat gets the hiccups on Halloween and Strong Bad sets out to cure him at the local Halloween Fairstival. watch
Homestar screws up Marzipan's potion. Choose-your-own-venture action ensues! watch
It's Halloween Night but not Halloween night. watch
The Horrible Painting wreaks havoc! watch
The citizens of Free Country USA visit the graveyard. watch
Strong Sad takes control! watch
Hot tricks, cool treats, good friends, and MURDER! watch
Homestar's haunted house inspires Strong Bad to yell a lot. watch
Just that end part! watch
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